City of Secrets

City of Secrets

Ever Barnes is a shy orphan guarding a secret in an amazing puzzle box of a building.

Most of the young women who work at the building’s Switchboard Operating Facility, which connects the whole city of Oskar, look the other way as Ever roams around in the shadows. But one of them, Lisa, keeps an eye on the boy. So does the head of the Switchboard, Madame Alexander . . . a rather sharp eye.

Enter Hannah, the spunky daughter of the building’s owner. She thinks Ever needs a friend, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Good thing she does!

Lisa and Madame Alexander are each clearly up to something.

Ever is beset by a menacing band of rogues looking to unlock the secret he holds–at any cost.

And whatever is hidden deep in the Switchboard building will determine all of their futures.

On a journey that twists and turns as much as the mechanical building Ever Barnes calls home, he and his new friend Hannah have to ­ and out what’s really going on in this mysterious city of secrets . . . or else!

Title:City of Secrets
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    City of Secrets Reviews

  • Lata

    3.5 stars. This was a fun read, with its secret societies, orphan boy, adventurous girl, assassins, massive gears, codes, maps, secrets and betrayals. It was also a little derivative, and I could pred...

  • Miss Banana

    Incredibly cute, and an absolutely lovely world! I really hope there are more, because I would love to learn about all of the secrets revealed within. ...

  • Mrs. Mazzola

    Interesting and action-packed, steampunkesque fantasy. The writing felt a little clunky and the plot was a little hard to follow at times, but a perfect readalike for fans of the Amulet series.*Thank ...

  • Katie

    City of Secrets is a graphic novel about a young boy who is guarding a secret about the city from people who are trying to kill him and his friendship with a girl who is willing to do whatever she has...

  • Lily Williams

    A beautifully painted action packed story. Recommended for any kid who loves fantasy or sci-fi!...

  • Billie

    Great concept and art, but the writing itself is not strong....

  • Kristina

    I read this today at work to take a break from our reopening plans... The artwork is BEAUTIFUL. I was obsessed with the way she drew Ever as a boy when he was reliving his memories, almost like a shad...

  • Karina

    Rating: 4 Stars ★★★★ (maybe 4.5? Still deciding on a rating!) City Of Secrets is a steampunk graphic novel that tells the story of a shy orphan and an upper class girl named Hannah who embark...

  • Burningfeather

    I was really looking forward to reading this graphic novel especially after watching the short animated trailer for it. I really enjoyed the artwork and simplistic beauty of the book. I thought the ch...

  • Tatiana Dengo

    City of Secrets is a middle grade fantasy set in an intriguing city of vintage steampunk aesthetics, hot air balloons, giant cogs, and levers with surprising consequences. This graphic novel is a good...