Amy (A Classic Western Novel)

Amy (A Classic Western Novel)


Amy Taylor and Colt Harman were riding Walter, the appaloosa, as fast as the critter could carry them. They had one destination – the Taylor Way Station.

“Are you sure we have to go this fast, Colt?” a still somewhat distressed Amy asked the Wells Fargo guard.

“I’ve learned one thing about outlaws over the years,” Colt answered back with his speech a bit halted by riding on Walter. “You can never tell what outlaws will do. Most of them are yellow bellied cowards. But a few of them are crazy enough to do anything.”

“You really think they'd come after us now?”

“Pardon me for saying this, Amy, but there are men who would put down a pretty penny for you to work for them. Well, not exactly work. More like slavery.”

“The Mexican man said they would make hundreds selling me,” she remembered and shuddered. But the young woman recomposed herself. “We best keep riding hard. Let's go, Walter!”

Can a young woman, who works at Wells Fargo Stagecoach Company attacked by the Morgan gang, help cowboy Colt stop the bunch of criminals?

Title:Amy (A Classic Western Novel)
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  • Barbara Lee Wood

    REVENGE OF STILLMAN MORGANYoung Colt Harman has had an abusive hard life. His father was a hard drinking man who didn't take of his family, he mistreated them. He's now forty-two years old and works f...

  • D. E.

    A WB. Texas/New Mexico Western Action Adventure (A) (ACWN)WB. has penned a Texas/New Mexico western action adventure titled, "Amy' which begins with an attempted stage coach robbery. The robbers set t...

  • Melinda Howell

    Good characters, lots of summary in tge writingI noticed it summarized a lot what the writer already showed, but I limed the characters so finished reading. For instance it kept telling what the reade...

  • Tim ruff

    Yes we need books that are action packed.Your story lines was right on.The caretors was most energize on the meaning of personal caractor.We of the Americans have lost what our farther set this countr...

  • Sandra Whittiker

    Amy (A Classic Western Novel)Colt was a shotgun rider for Wells Fargo Stage Line , he was the last defense to keep bad men, sometimes evil men from robbing the stages and the passengers safe. There we...

  • Ruth Harrington

    Never ending suspense and danger. A really good read. In fact, the book would make a great TV series.I gave this book 4 stars because the story line was really good, well balanced, and the main player...

  • Linda L. Brand

    Colt faces many situations with men wanting to kill him!Colt has a very determined enemy who is very mean. Colt has to capture him and all his gang members. The murderer regrouped three times trying t...

  • toni ogle

    A real true to life western!!A great story any way you look at it. Truly evil men and their destructive ways. So glad goodness and the Christian way prevail. Thank you for your stories....

  • John Shearer

    AmyThis was a great action packed adventure that keeps getting better as it goes along. The characters were pretty much straightforward and the most logical conclusion that could , happens....

  • Anne M

    Good story well told. Amy and Colt are interesting characters.William Black is a good writer. He keeps the storyline in a meaningful and understandable fashion keeping the reader interested and not di...