A telepath with a lethal twist.

My name is Neely and I'm a telepath-spiker. Not only can I read a person's thoughts, I can also spike deadly power straight into their brain.

But don't worry, I have strict rules about that sort of thing.

I'm hiding again. This time in a California desert truck stop town run by Lucas Blacke, a tiger shifter and alpha leader who's as handsome as Lucifer and twice as slippery. I've been running from alphas like him my whole life. They either want to own me or kill me—there is no middle ground.

Now a homicidal alpha from my past is threatening everything I care about and I know I can't fight him alone. Lucas Blacke is dangerous, and his intentions are murky at best, but I've run out of options. If I want to live, I'm going to have to put my faith in a man I know I can't trust.

If you like urban fantasy with a side order of romance, fast-paced action and slow-burn love, you'll love SPIKED.

2017 Best Banter Paranormal Award Winner 2017 Future, Fantasy, Paranormal On the Far Side Award Finalist 2017 Pages From The Heart Paranormal Romance Award Winner

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    Spiked Reviews

  • Poplora

    Not gonna rate it cuz I didn't finish it, also it's not bad. It just has one of my ultimate pet peeves in it. I hate the blackmailing, disrespectful, controlling, dominating alpha trope with all my be...

  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*

    I didn't like it. I actually found it quite boring. Everything was predictable. I got tired of Neely's refusal to admit she was anything other than human, at 51% we still had that back and forth conve...

  • Andrea

    hmm..yeah 2.5 rating for this oneI enjoyed the story for the most part-I liked the h magical background and the supernatural lore...but the H was kind of giving me pushy alpha bs vibes for a portion o...

  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]

    I am so pleasantly surprised right now! It's honestly a great feeling when a book you weren't honestly expecting to be very good turns out to be surprisingly awesome. Have a quick plot summary:Neel...

  • Mara

    What Nunya said, the only difference is that I forced myself to finish it. "Inconsistencies early on, poor world building and character development, interactions/reactions/dialogue between characters ...

  • Jeanny

    I’m not a fan of any of the characters or the writing. I am interested in the FMC species & unique ability. I can also appreciate she’s Hispanic. I like when the FMC is a poc or minority & believe...

  • thewoollygeek (tea, cake, crochet & books)

    I loved this, what a unique and wonderful fantasy. Full of action, humour and emotion. I loved the fact the author made me really care about the characters, it's so sad at one point and your heart bre...

  • Shannon

    Spiked is one of those books you don’t want to end. The good news is there are more in the series! Woot! This book is full with family and rich in culture. I love the way the author uses Spanish thr...

  • Denisa

    Pretty nice Sunday-like series It was fun and engaging and fast-paced. Not too deep or too complicated or anything like that, but it was nice.Yes, nice. Not bad, not good, not anything, just... nice.I...

  • Jen Davis

    3.5 starsThis book wasn't perfect, but I appreciate the author's effort to do some things a bit different. Like the heroine, Neely, an Afro-Latina with a special psychic power. Not only can she read m...