Showdown at Durango (Western Frontier Justice)

Showdown at Durango (Western Frontier Justice)


A town in tragedy is a town in need of a hero.

Ranch hand Samson Stockton and Sheriff Amis were almost at the town’s borders, both of them on their horses and loaded with guns and ammunition. Samson had his Smith & Wesson New Model 3, as well as a Colt Frontier, chambered for the .44-40 Winchester. The sheriff also carried two Colt Peacemakers on him, and an old Sharps ’67.

Between them, they had enough rounds to take out a small village, even though Samson would do anything to avoid a fight at that point. They were simply trying to find their hideout – Stels McHuay’s hideout – so that they could come up with a plan.

McHuay and his gang are ruthless with a simple plan: kidnapping and violating young women. The women’s pleas and cries mean nothing to the gang, not when they can smell the money that the women can bring them.

When Samson gets in McHuay’s way, McHuay sees only one way to get what he wants.

He must have Samson killed.

But Samson has help from the brave though inexperienced sheriff, as well as from a young, feisty lady Avie Hearst.

Title:Showdown at Durango (Western Frontier Justice)
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    Showdown at Durango (Western Frontier Justice) Reviews

  • Jeff Benham

    Samson Stockton has been a ranch hand as long as he can remember in Phoenix, Oregon. His boss and his wife were like father and mother to him. Together, they fought of land grabbers that would have de...

  • D. E.

    A JS. Colorado Western Action Adventure (SAD) (WFJ)JS. has penned a Colorado western action adventure titled, "Showdown at Durango" whish begins with a young man leaving the area he was raised in afte...

  • Sandra Whittiker

    Showdown at Durango (Western Frontier Justice)Samson had no intention of staying in this country very long, but there are times that your plans can change in a single minute. Like when you ride into t...

  • Sam

    Classic old west action when evil men kidnap young women and terrorize DurangoThe Sheriff was outgunned and intimidated by the outlaws that overran this small frontier town until a young wanderer arri...

  • Ronn Dula

    For some reason...I really wanted to like this book,and admit I read it in one sitting. That being said, I was disappointed not just by the lack of solid copyediting, but by the thin character develop...

  • Jeannine Wickliffe

    Received this as an ARC and really enjoyed it. Samson Stockton is traveling to find himself after the death of his mentor and father figure when he lands in Durango. Durango is in need of a hero. Some...

  • John Shearer

    Showdown at DurangoThis was a very good story , it was hard hitting and !over right along. The characters were pretty much straightforward and the best of all the author kept them simple....

  • Ed Lake

    Too many wordsI like this author and I have liked everything i have read in the past, but this book is too lonb. It seems as though they will never catch the bad guys. They must have chased them compl...

  • Ginny Pearson

    What I love about this author's stories is that while I am reading them, it is like watching an old western. My dad and I used to watch them together and this story reminded me of those special times....

  • Julie

    ShowdownLots and lots of action in this story! Also plenty of suspense, shootouts, chases and of course some romance thrown in. A very good read!...