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A mutating plague has killed two thirds of the world's population. The new threats come from desperate survivors. And Mike Crenshaw is looking for solid ground on which to find safety and peace.

From the world of The Traveler Series comes a new cast of characters, new obstacles, and the same devastating, world-altering virus which plunges society into the depth of a dystopian hell.

GROUNDED begins in the aftermath of The Scourge. Forced from what they thought was a safe haven, Mike Crenshaw and his friends embark on new journeys of faith, hoping against hope they reunite with lost family and find sanctuary.

At the same time, a government lab has found the key to unlocking a new version of The Scourge, one that might threaten to kill those who somehow survived its first unstoppable sweep across the globe.

And a new version of what was once Texas is beginning to form under the thumb of ruthless tyrants who call themselves the Cartel.

It's a heart-pounding addition to a story that will keep you up at night with the lights on and the doors locked.

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    Grounded Reviews

  • Kelly Cross

    Enjoyed it This was a nice little series. The characters were interesting, with some being likable and some being nasty bottom feeders. The writing was smooth and flowed well with great editing. There...

  • Chessy The Cat

    Mike Crenshaw, his girlfriend, and his best friend decide it is time for them to search out family in hopes that they have survived the Scourge and/or the upheaval that followed. The remainder of thei...

  • dennis barron

    Grounded. Tom AbrahamsIn this excellent series the story is based on survival in a world of chaos. Some of America's and the world's demise a deadly virus, the "scourge". The year is 2030. Some of the...

  • Cherye Elliott

    A New StartEnjoying the beginning of the scourge and how it came about. Excellent storyline that compliments The Traveler Series. I don't need to give you a synopsis. You can read that before you get ...

  • Mark

    Overall this book is enjoyable and the characters are engaging, though the chief antagonists are actually more interesting than the "hero" of the story. Spelling and grammatical errors distract throug...


    It was good but not a great series. It followed at least four groups of people from the mid west to Florida , Texas, Georgia and for some their travels to family members. I don't want to give anything...

  • Pam Shelton-Anderson

    This end of the Scourge series seems to finish abruptly and with a lot of questions as to what happens. So many characters are in very different places now and it just kind of finishes without much fa...

  • Loretta Adler

    Grounded (The Scourge Book 3)This book was excellent but it was horrible. The horrible things they were testing on those people. All to kill the remaining people. One thing that delighted me was a big...

  • Michael Petrovics

    The Scourge books 1-3I read all three books and liked them all. The story holds your interest and the good characters are likable. You will hate the bad guys which is expected. Would like to read more...

  • John Wood

    Very good story!Well written, lots of action and a story you just don't want to put down. Most of the main characters are well liked, I just wish the Scientists is this story would get their heads out...