Extinction Level Event, Book Two: Holding Ground

Extinction Level Event, Book Two: Holding Ground


In the continuation of the viral apocalypse, Book Two, Holding Ground takes up after a nap.

After the outbreak, Peter Sullivan, Phebe Marcelino and the group hold their ground in the fenced-in marina. Unable to leave due to the quarantine zone enforced by the Coast Guard and Navy, they loot stores, joke on each other, and ransack other boats.

Three days, nine meals, as previous catastrophes in the US show – post-Katrina New Orleans – law-abiding people are forced out of their homes to loot once they run out of food and no help comes. Ex-Rangers and ex-Marines rise to be the heroes of locals.

R140 waves through in a viral burn. As old infected turn into something reminiscent of George Romero shuffling living dead, fast runner new infected rise.

Peter’s quest for Phebe ramps up and he gets confused by his own emotions. Syanna Lynn declares she’s leaving Matt for a nicer man once she can walk again.

The Pentagon proves to be repeatedly unpleasant.

(Note: For those who downloaded the eBook soon after release, a mistake occurred. An unedited manuscript was uploaded. Please download again for the correct eBook. Contact the author through her Facebook page, kjjonesing, if you have any difficulties re-downloading.)

Title:Extinction Level Event, Book Two: Holding Ground
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  • Lisa

    I really triedRidiculois..no feeling to it..so many grammatical errors. You always know when a civil tries to write about persons that actually fought in war..anyway I cannot read book 3...I had to sk...

  • Zoey

    It got betterThe first was good in some ways but irritated me in others; while the beginning of the apocalypse is my fav part, I ended up liking this one more. Less embarrassing explanations. My main ...

  • Jennifer

    Awesome story despite ratingThis series so far is freaking amazing. I love the characters and action. The dialogue is outstanding! Love the banter and any issues so far have been extremely realistic. ...


    ELESo, I read both books before writing anything. I liked the series and plan on reading the next. Good storyline and characters. The book kept my attention and that's why I have it a 4. These books n...

  • Linda Ramsey

    Phrasing of sentences Love this series and very good story. The only difficulty with them is the continuous use of very short staccato sentences. Some are fine and helped make story more intense, but ...

  • Marcie Pfeifer

    I liked it I enjoy the series so far. There's a ton of typos and grammatical errors that make me twitch so I'm hoping the author does a better job with that going forward. I also wish there was less d...

  • Tim Chappell

    Stereotype AnyoneAfter so many books about the Zombie Apocalypse ,it's difficult to find a new angle but this is a pretty good story. A little too much shit talking and stereotyping but worth checking...

  • Kelly Cross

    I enjoyed itFast paced, filled with humor, a LOT of great characters. There were so many characters in the first book it was hard to remember details about each one. It was easier with this book. Over...

  • Gerri

    5 starsWow, another exciting book n this series. Entertaining and engaging characters, great dialogue and action every page. Can’t wait to see the next book....

  • Dorie Groff-Brady

    Really good book...