The Groom's Obligation (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)

The Groom's Obligation (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)


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Thrown together by fate, held together by love…

Beau Dawson never saw eye-to-eye with his father, so he left home to live with his Uncle James in Texas years ago. James taught him how to be a bounty hunter, and Beau has been content with his life.

When Beau gets word his father has died, he travels back home to Arkansas to see his mother and brother. Upon arrival, he learns of his father’s will, demanding that Beau marry within ninety days of the elder Dawson’s death. He even ordered his attorney to place an advert for a Mail Order Bride for his youngest son.

Rose Lancaster was born and bred in Boston. After her husband dies, she thinks her life is over. Her father is determined to help and makes a contract for her with a Mail Order Bride Agency. When Beau and Rose finally meet, sparks fly. Can this mismatched couple ever find a way to live together, let alone live happily ever after?

Title:The Groom's Obligation (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)
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    The Groom's Obligation (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas) Reviews

  • Glaidene Ramsey

    Mail Order Bride Romances A young lady is forced by her father to marry a farmer in Arkansas. Having lost her husband 2 years past , she is still hurting and mourning for her lost love. Well guess wha...

  • Earlene Click

    Beau and RoseThis is a short, sweet story about a young widow and her journey as a mail order bride. Rose is forced by her after to go to Arkansas as a bride for a young bounty hunter. Neither wanted ...

  • Vikki Vaught

    A sweet western romance with engaging characters and an interesting plot. The pacing is steady and there wasn't a sagging middle. While this is a short story, the character development is good. I enjo...

  • gary c lehn

    Great Series......I've enjoyed reading this story of adventure and romance. The young widow had to travel out west to become a Mail Order Bride. The story is a wonderful journey to Arkansas....

  • Vickey Mcgee

    A Beautiful, Clean StoryWonderfully written and clean so both young and of can enjoy this story of of a Mail Order Brides and a Bounty Hunter. Great characters. Very realistic....

  • Deborah Westfall

    Very enjoyable story!Fast paced western! A quick read. Perfect book to settle down with your favorite hot drink and enjoy the story....