His Daughter's Journal (Mail Order Brides of Texas)

His Daughter's Journal (Mail Order Brides of Texas)


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Harper Reid comes from high society. Everything about her screams money: her clothes, her jewels, the way she speaks, the way she moves.
This has been her life ever since her father died—leaving her and her mother enough money to sustain a small village.

When Harper’s mother dies suddenly, Harper discovers her life was a lie. She is buried in debt she doesn’t understand and didn’t know she had. She goes for the only solution available: She will become a Mail Order Bride and secure a wealthy husband.

Logan Jennings wants a new love for himself and a new mother for his daughter. A doctor who leads a simple life, Logan is a man who had his heart broken by the death of his wife six years earlier. He signs up for a Mail Order Bride, stressing the fact that he’s a widower with a daughter.

Harper arrives in Texas not having been informed of Logan’s daughter. Expecting a rich doctor’s salary and home, Harper is stunned to find a humble home complete with Logan’s daughter and his mother-in-law. Can they possibly reconcile their differences and find love, or will they get lost in the chaos of their new life together?

Title:His Daughter's Journal (Mail Order Brides of Texas)
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  • Glaidene Ramsey

    Mail Order Bride Romances I so enjoy Susannah Calloway's stories. This one is s out a young woman from New York raised to be a society wife. What she didn't know until after her mother died was that a...

  • gary c lehn

    Great Story......I've enjoyed reading this story of the woman's adventures in the the story. The woman's mother passed and .left her oweing a lot of bills and no money to pay them. She was forced to d...

  • Gwen Hight

    His Daughter 's Journal ( Mail.Order Brides of Texas)A very good story about a young daughter that is motherless falling for the mail order finding love and happiness...

  • Mary Picazzo

    JournalI enjoyed reading this book it was good to see how love finds everyone that looks in the right place...