Bear and Fred: A World War II Story

Bear and Fred: A World War II Story


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I felt Fred’s small hand grab me.
He patted me and whispered,
“Bear, I won’t leave you here all by yourself.
You are my best friend.”

Based on true events and beautifully illustrated, this is the story of a friendship that will last forever—told by Fred’s best friend, his beloved teddy bear.

During World War II, Fred must leave his home and live in hiding, apart from the rest of his family, but he always keeps Bear by his side. Bear knows it’s his job to take care of Fred and make sure he doesn’t feel alone.

After the war, Fred and his family are reunited and leave Holland for the United States. And still Bear is with him. When Fred grows up, he and Bear part for the first time when Bear is sent to Yad Vashem—the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Israel, where this book was first published—to show the power of hope, friendship, and love.

Title:Bear and Fred: A World War II Story
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    Bear and Fred: A World War II Story Reviews

  • Ceecee

    Amazon Kindle First Read - April I chose this as I wanted to read something different from my usual choice. So glad I did. This is the heart rending story of a Jewish Dutch boy and his bear in the dar...

  • Somia

    This book does take on a hard and emotional subject to help children understand what happened, and thugs at the heartstrings, but there was something missing and more was needed when it came to the ta...

  • Sandy Brehl

    This is a fictionalized portrait of a very true story, too through the eyes and voice of a favorite toy bear who was the best friend of a Jewish boy whose family survived World ar II in hiding in Euro...

  • DivaDiane

    Magical bookThis magical book about the special bear who took care of Fred during the Holocaust when he was a child and accompanied him throughout his life is an important book also. It might be a lit...

  • Jae

    Beautifully written and illustrated. Difficult not to shed a tear at the end of this one....

  • Toni

    Bear And FredA short gem of a book which gives a glimpse into what Jewish parents and their children experienced during WW2. The story is told through Fred's teddy and named Bear. The story is gently ...

  • K. Svedin

    Touching True story As I read the beginning of this book non-verbally, I Thought Of my grandchildren And how this would be a wonderful Opportunity, while we are Separated And isolated from each other ...

  • Alex  Baugh

    Children often pick a loved object that becomes their best friend, something safe and comforting that can help them through difficult and stressful times. That is certainly true for young Fred, growin...

  • Mary

    A true story!Fred and bear were the best of friends during the Second World War in Germany. He was Jewish and needed to hide, bear was with him! At first he was with his grandpa in Amsterdam and then ...

  • Jessica

    Oh! So sweet, and sad. The illustrations are lovely, and this was a beautiful story of a little Jewish boy, and his bear. His bear eventually, many years later, is taken to the Yad Veshem museum in Is...