Hell Hath No Fury 11

Hell Hath No Fury 11


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This is the 11th entry in the Hell Hath No Fury series. Part One: Women Who Kill Their Partners offers up nine cases of women who have murdered their husbands. The nine are Jennifer Trayers, Amber Hilberling, Dixie Shanahan, Patricia Hill, Misty Witherspoon, Jane Reth, Amanda Kaur, Betty Neumar and Karen Biraghi. Part Two: Women Who Kill Their Children all presents nine cases of Women Who Kill Their Children. These nine are Cynthia Collier, Hannah Hildebrandt, Mary Westrope, Julia Markham, Marie Pazos, Elsie Nollen, Stella Almarez, Theresa Riggi and Jennifer Berman. Part Three: A Random Two-Pack of Murder holds two cases on Lisa Marie Caplan and Katherine Schubert. The book ends with a bonus chapter on MIchelle Kehoe.

Title:Hell Hath No Fury 11
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  • Robin Morgan

    I read this book via an Amazon KINDLE Unlimited download.Those who’ve read some of my recent reviews for True Crime books know that I happen to be a rather voracious reader/reviewer of non-fiction C...

  • Bettye McKee

    Not to be missed by true crime readersAre you ready for another batch of murderous females? This volume is full of them. Sadly, it appears that true crime authors will never run out of material.The de...

  • Beth Shuler

    I must admit this is one of my favorite authors. With that being said this book I found to be one of the best! I get so tired of almost every true crime book I read is always about the same crimes ove...

  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Love this duo's booksThe MacDonald's write really interesting true crime anthologies covering all sorts of crimes from around the world spanning different eras. They always are always accompanied by n...

  • Luann Larscheid

    Very good bookThis book is very well written . The stories are very well written and interesting..Also the stories we're not too graphic...

  • Sarah  zion

    Good but far too many spelling mistakes...