A Valentine's Sorrow

A Valentine's Sorrow


For Mary Beth life has been nothing but cruel, becoming a mail-order bride is her last hope. Or would it be another cruel disappointment?

After her mother passed, Mary Beth spent her entire childhood taking care of her alcoholic father. His last act as a father was to marry Mary Beth off to the man to whom he was indebted due to his gambling addiction. Married at the age of seventeen to a man in his sixties, Mary Beth is repulsed. But she soon finds Arthur to be a kind and gentleman. Over time she learns to love him, only to lose him unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day.

After a year of mourning, she sees no other choice but to take her own life. Standing on the railing of the Brooklyn Bridge she receives a message from God and makes the decision to become a mail-order bride. God promised her a prosperous future, now all that is left for her is to go out and find it. Thomas is a rancher and a prospector, promising Mary Beth a new life in Gambler’s Creek. With no better prospects, she boards a train out west.

When she arrives in the West, it’s only to learn that Thomas Hickok doesn’t exist. She’s stuck in a small town, destitute with no hope outside of the sheriff who brings her the bad news. The sheriff is kind enough to help her secure room and board, but will Mary Beth ever find that future she dreamed of?

A Valentine’s Sorrow is a sweet romance that will touch on every aspect of life. Join the adventure and heartbreak as Mary Beth learns that life can be cruel, but with patience and prayer the rewards are great.

Title:A Valentine's Sorrow
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  • elaine m. suda

    Sorrows and Then BlessingsThank you for this heartwrenching and heartwarming story about Mary Beth and Eric. Although it took a while for Eric and Mary Beth to declare their love, they finally realize...

  • Dorel

    My rating for this story is 3.5 stars ⭐. This book's storyline was okay. This book's storyline was sad 😞. Mary Beth's character was okay. Eric's character was okay. I felt sorry for Eric. The end...

  • Marie

    A valentines storyThis book kept me interested form the start to finish I would give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone that loves a good story...

  • Gwen Hight

    A Valentine's SorrowA very good story about love and family and friends that are together when a young woman travels to be a mail order bride...

  • Jane Wesley

    Over too quick hopelessly cheesyThe plot has to come together so quickly the developing story was lac. All the angles were solved in what seemed to be pages....

  • gary c lehn

    Great story.....I've enjoyed reading this romantic story, A Valentine's Sorrow, the woman in the story, didn't seem to have fond memories of Valentine's day. ...