Moon Hunt (Vampire Crimes Special Unit Book 1)

Moon Hunt (Vampire Crimes Special Unit Book 1)


First in the "Vampire Crimes Special Unit" series! A "Vampire for Hire World" novel!

Only a vampire can solve these crimes—an undead private eye named Samantha Moon.

Private investigator Sam Moon is working undercover for the Fullerton Police Department’s new top-secret Vampire Crimes Special Unit (VCSU).

With the increasing number of supernatural-type crimes in and around Orange County, Detective Sherbet needs Samantha’s special talents to help solve and prosecute the real and growing threats to the citizens of Fullerton. People are dying—and some of them are already undead.

Sam’s first case for the VCSU threatens to expose her life as a vampire. When a 200-year-old mummified corpse turns up on the grounds of an Orange County mission with a note addressed to Sam, she needs to protect herself, as well as solve this case before something worse happens.

The more Sam digs into the case, the more evidence she discovers of the mission’s grisly history and scandalous past. But will there be a price to pay? What if the only way to save the people of the present from the people of the past would be to expose the truth to the public? A truth that could take down a mission that is the very foundation of a community.

To solve the mystery in the present, Samantha Moon must first solve the mystery of the past. It’s a good thing she’s a vampire. A very good thing. She’s going to need those skills…

Moon Hunt is April M. Reign's first novel in the "Vampire Crimes Special Unit" series, set within the licensed Vampire for Hire World created by J.R. Rain.

Title:Moon Hunt (Vampire Crimes Special Unit Book 1)
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    Moon Hunt (Vampire Crimes Special Unit Book 1) Reviews

  • Barbara

    Moon Hunt (Vampire Crimes Special Unit Book 1)Samantha Moon is now working for the Fullerton Police Department. She has a new partner and something is weird about him. He look a lot like Thor. Their f...

  • Karen

    Loved this 1st book, in the spin off series, written so very well, by April M Reign..This has followed on from the Samantha Moon, Vampire For Hire hit series..Staying true to the original writing styl...

  • Chrystal Roe

    NiceI really like the main character, Samantha Moon. This story had some scary creatures in it doing some bad things to Sam. It also had a very sad mystery and romance. A nice mix....

  • Myra Wray

    Once again I have found a good collection of books in this series. I found it hard to put it down until the end. ...