Mongoose Bravo: Vietnam: A Time of Reflection Over Events So Long Ago

Mongoose Bravo: Vietnam: A Time of Reflection Over Events So Long Ago


This project has taken me a lot longer than anticipated.

I would guess that I’ve been at it for more than twenty years. It started as a result of wanting to let the mother of a fallen soldier know what happened to her son, as well as where his death took place.

She and I had been in contact over the years, during which she asked quite a few questions; so, I began writing it all down.

I may have been better served if I had pushed my memories of Vietnam off into the ditch alongside the road traveled and driven on without looking back. In the long run, I believe it has been therapeutic. Therefore, worth the time I put into writing it all down.

We lived, and fought as a unit, covering each other’s backs.

Most came home to tell their own stories, many didn’t.

Title:Mongoose Bravo: Vietnam: A Time of Reflection Over Events So Long Ago
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    Mongoose Bravo: Vietnam: A Time of Reflection Over Events So Long Ago Reviews

  • Jim Augeri

    Aside from the fact that I believe the origins of the name "Mongoose Bravo" went unexplained, I still thoroughly enjoyed Sgt Mac's story. Though I was not in the 1St Cav myself, I could still relate t...

  • Rose Aitken

    probably the most controversial war ever foughtThis is a book about the reflections concerning possibly the most controversial war in history or one of them anyway. Upon first reading the title I real...

  • jim bowen

    A Real Life Infantrymen!A fascinating read with the author succinctly describing life in the infantry like few books ever do! With all of the tiny details of grunt life in the famous Air Cavalry. My u...

  • Beverly Anne

    Boy, was I surprised...This book seemed to be more about beer drinking than actual battle! Not that there is anything wrong about drinking beer, mind you. To be fair, there were a lot of notes that th...

  • William Hildebrand

    Vietnam Good read from a personal perspective. One must remember that we, in the military, did not lose the war, it was the panty waist rabbits and the politicians that sold us out. Go Army. SET Reg H...

  • charles hickman

    Rather good assimilation. Some of this book doesn’t seem to be totally factual but there are enough fact based lines to make the book very much worth reading. ...

  • Andy Reed

    Enjoyed Enjoyed how he describes the days and events. These guys were hard core and must be recognized for their valor....

  • Danielle H

    Great bookReally enjoyed reading this book about a army vet that lived the horrors of fighting in Vietnam. His account was believable. ...


    A story of survival against all oddsThis story was not just about the author, he included all aspects of Mongoose Bravo, the bravery of so many young men...

  • Juliana Feriani

    I really felt like I understood the Vietnam experience from a first person point of view. The editing could be a bit better, but it doesn't get in the way of reading....