Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You

No more hiding or people-pleasing up in here, sisters. No more being sidelined in your own life. It is time for us to be brave, to claim our gifts and quirks and emotions. You are set free and set up and set on fire.

NOW you can get busy doing what you were placed on this planet to do. NOW you can be honest, honest, honest about all of it, even the hard stuff, even the humiliating stuff, even the secret stuff. NOW you can walk in your convictions of faith and ask new questions unafraid. NOW you can be so free, because you are not searching for value from any source other than your own beautiful soul made piece by piece by God who adores you and is ready to get on with the business of unleashing you into this world.

In this book, I break it down into five self-reflective categories—who I am, what I need, what I want, what I believe, and how I connect—and by working your way through them, you will learn to:
own your space, ground, and gifts (they are YOURS, sister);
be strong in your relationships and lay down passive aggression, resentment, drama, and compliance;
say GUILT-FREE what you want and what you need; and
welcome spiritual curiosity and all the fantastic change that doing so creates.

You with me, beloveds? If we do this work on our own selves now, not only will we discover a life truly worth living, but we will free our daughters to rise up behind us, with spines straight, heads up, and coated in our strength.

Title:Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You
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    Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You Reviews

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    I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of this fabulous book, provided to me by the publisher.The title of this book epitomizes how I felt when I'd finished reading it. In a deviation from the...

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    "We are free to exist on this planet in the ways we flourish, because there is an abundance of everything: joy, talent, love, dreams, hope, goodness, triumph, creativity, delight... Someone else's spa...

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    I literally WHOOPED out loud when I got this ARC. I ditched my other books, filled the bathtub to the brim with hot water and lost myself in Jen Hatmaker's most recent thoughts. At the conclusion of t...

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    Jen is gifted when it comes to words. She has captured my heart with previous books of hers and I was excited to read her latest, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. She describes and empathizes with situ...

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    This book is an amazing read! So many points and explanations are through out the chapters and sections. Jen uses quotes and helps the reader to really dig in to the subject matter First review: So fa...

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    ALL. THE. STARS. This is the book we need right now, to erase all the BS of what it “means to be a Christian woman” and to start living into our true purpose and wholeness with which we were creat...

  • Dara (Dara Reads OK)

    Advanced Reader's Copy"We do not need you to be like your neighbor; we already have her. We need you, not for what you do but who you are. Please be her. Please do not shrink or twist or lie or buckle...

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    This is Jen Hatmaker's best book yet. And it's the best book I've ever read that deals with empowering women to be themselves and make their lives what they want. Not a fan of Rachel Hollis but want t...