Deep Black

Deep Black


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Two crews return to Titan. Who will survive?

Titan. Sixth moon of Saturn. A deadly enigma harboring the greatest secret in the history of humankind.

In the wake of the first mission, two companies with very different goals plot a return to that distant moon. Their ships are safer, their technology has improved…and they want answers. The competition triggers a new space race that will push the crews to the very edge of survival.

Yet Titan does not hold all the secrets.

On Earth, a startling ocean discovery reveals that whatever created the alien artifacts has been to our planet before…and it’s coming back.

Fans of adventurous science fiction will enjoy this near future space exploration odyssey, the sequel to the Amazon best selling Mission One.

Title:Deep Black
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    Deep Black Reviews

  • Andy

    Amazing second book. So good that the first book got an extra starThis was an amazing second book, the pace was really good and the way the multiple story arcs intertwined without being too confusing ...

  • Steve

    Fair-to-Good; Hard to Describe it as Interesting ...Like the 1st book, this was Space-based SciFi; that’s the good part.But, it was hard to stay interested, and the book didn’t keep The Reader ent...

  • Jak60

    I had liked book n.1 of this duology (Mission One), which I found mildly compelling and decently written. I especially liked the near earth/near future setting I especially liked in Mission One. In fa...

  • marie pulini md

    Deep Black + it’s 1st book in A Near Earth Second Contact ColonyThese were some of the best, most “ human”, & least “ high speculative” sci-fi gobbledygook, incomprehensible tech novels I’...

  • Jamie Rich

    Deep Black (ebook) by Samuel Best The second in this series, but stands alone quite well!Not every second book can do as well as the first, but this one does! It can function s a stand alone novel, or...

  • jboyg

    Nice Hard SF Alien Sequel To Alien Contact First NovelHey, I'm really liking Samuel Best, he is an excellent writer with a gift for hard science and and telling an engrossing story filled with memorab...

  • EtoDemerzel

    Disappointed by the endingAuthor has good imagination, but as I kept on reading I has the feeling that descriptions, repetitions, etc. drag on as though the point is to fill a minkmum size novel witho...

  • John Gillingham

    Great sequelOnly just got back into reading again of late. Read both books in the space of a few days. Found it hard to put down, the story runs at a good pace with twists that keep it going. ...

  • Leslie Mallard

    Great ReadTerrific book. Plan to be up all night once you start reading. Everything you could want from a science fiction story. Lots of action, twists and turns. Very good characterization. ...

  • Ron Almstead

    Good characters, interesting plotThe story was detailed and well developed, but 90% of the 'core' premise is explained in the last few pages. I would have preferred some inkling into the premise along...