Releasing The Gods

Releasing The Gods

Maisy Parker isn’t asking for a lot in life. Just good friends, good fun, and finally reaching one hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

She’s well on her way to all of that, until one drunken dare ends up with a cut hand, blood sacrifices, and a thousand-year-old prison opening to reveal a giant of a man.

Finding herself with a Titan of a problem, she does the only thing that makes sense in that situation: selfie. Because he’s beyond hot, and that has got to be worth twenty thousand followers.

Only it turns out, this is no joke.

Cronus is really a Titan, and he’s set out to destroy the leader of the Greek pantheon.

When Maisy makes a colossal mistake, unleashing an untold evil on the world, Cronus is the only one that can help her.

Maisy is starting to see that she should have been less interested in Instagram and more interested in the impending end of the world.

An end she quite possibly caused—not that she’s admitting to anything just yet.

Title:Releasing The Gods
Edition Language:English
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  • Natalia

    Going to review in the books style#DumbBlonde#BrattyIsNotClassy#ShallowMuch#AbandonmentIssuesAreNotAValidReason#BrainlessBlondeHasNoFilter#MajorEyeRollEverywhere#Couldn'tConnectWithTheStory#Don'tCare ...

  • Elise ? a.k.a Ryder's Pet ?

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Can Contain Spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ I was a little uncertain about reading this one when I read the blurb. The Instagram obsession made me think that the main character will ...

  • Andrea

    #JesusTakeTheWheelSo quick rundown- in this book we have Maisy, our main character, who is drunk and partying on her 21st birthday when she takes a dare to climb up to a seemingly haunted cave. While ...

  • beth m

    Book 1I didn’t love it. And it hurts me to say that because I absolutely love these authors. The storyline is good, the slow burn romance is frustratingly ok, the characters could be better. I’m s...

  • ?? Queen of Faerie ??

    Wow. Okay. So...A really enjoyable book, with a nice blend of magic, mythology, romance and action. The Plot: Maisey is a girl who is a massive social media star, and she aspires to expand her social ...

  • Kelly

    Sometimes I don't read a book's blurb or check its tags. That's how I ended up reading half of this book thinking this was going to be the first book in a reverse harem series. In my defense, this cov...

  • Laura

    Interesting premise but too fast-paced and too many f-ing hashtags. The hashtags made me feel like the book was juvenile and lowered my reading experience. Also what normal person thinks in so many ha...

  • Missy Brown

    They did it again!! These two authors together!! I freaking loved this!! Maisy is snarky and funny. She cracked me up the whole time. I loved her. What a cliffy, but a I cannot wait for book two!! ...

  • Lyndi W.

    Let this book be a lesson to other authors: if you fill your pages with trendy shit, it does. not. age. well....

  • Tassi

    It literally took me one day to read this book. It was just THAT good! I totally got sucked away from reality and immersed in an incredible world that did potential cause my heart pain but all in all ...