“When you don’t know what your searching for…”

Whyle of Throm, one of four in the constitutional Monarchy, is tasked with his most difficult assignment yet:

“Return to the husk of Earth that was destroyed by your design and collect Amber’s stranded sister, before the Yimmyrd locate her and end her life.”

He embarks on the mission to find her with his usual cold hearted determination and enters an apocalyptic mess. Earth survivors were never part of his plan and finding scavenging, depraved humans, living in armageddon madness was the last thing he expected to encounter.

In the wreckage and madness of the cult driven survivors upon Earth, he finds the beautiful, strong Jade, who will not leave until she has completed a mission given to her by the Father of Magic.

He stays with her, protects her, and longs to take her home to Throm, but knows that when they leave Earth, she will learn that the alien that came to save her was also the one who destroyed her home.

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    Elusive Reviews

  • Lindy

    Elusive Well that was interesting. I liked this a lot better than book 2. Ms. Jackson has a interesting world and viewpoint on alien races, the creator and powers they possess. The love screen was rac...

  • Mars88

    3.5⭐️Really enjoyed this series.Book 1 is by far my favourite in the series!!!!The others are good too & the continuation of the story - regardless of the different focus of the MCs - is worth rea...