Gateway to War

Gateway to War

Hunted by the Republic. Desperate to stop the enemy.

Lieutenant Magnus survives the harrowing rescue of his unit only to find himself charged with treason by the very military he's pledged his allegiance to. Now, he must attempt to escort Piper to the Luma homeward of Worru before dark forces discover her otherworldly abilities.

But once there, Magnus finds himself confronting new enemies in the place he least expects to find them. 

Meanwhile, Awen uncovers a new plot that threatens to upend order throughout the galaxy.

She and Magnus find their way to an alien world where they must work together to build a new team from the ruins of the warriors who remain loyal to the cause of galactic freedom.

Can Magnus survive the wave of violence heading his way? Will Awen be able to help a young prodigy harness an unthinkable new power found in the Unity?

Find out in the third installment of this #1 best-selling military sci-fi epic that has captivated the imaginations of fans around the world.

Title:Gateway to War
Edition Language:English
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    Gateway to War Reviews

  • Meenaz Lodhi

    “If you have searched your own souls and found yourself worthy, that your hearts are thus pure.”Another fantastic premise in the series! Events are getting more complicated for Magnus and his Mara...

  • Frances Law

    Back to the Metaverse.Well, Chaney & Hopper have done it again! I must admit to liking sf where new dimensions are discovered with lots of cool new tech and weaponry. Magnus and Awen meet up again and...

  • Nigel Frankcom

    Don’t miss this series, a great story well written...This story is too good to ruin with spoilers. Sufficed to say, this instalment is at least as good as the previous two. All 3 are in my top 5 fav...

  • David VanEck

    So completely awesome! Every time I reach the end of another book in this series, I keep coming to the conclusion that it's the best one ...

  • K. Pimpinella

    Everything heightened again! More character development, which I'm always a fan of. Even in hard military sci-fi, it's nice when the characters are well developed. And the humour and action went up a ...

  • Zayn Bakir

    Amazing world I can’t wait to get back in toI love the rich world both authors have setup especially the multiverse interactions and mystery alongside the Novia Minoosh is a real nice mystery twist....

  • Jen

    So we've amassed a team of characters now. The stakes have risen and when they die, it's becoming a big loss. This series has taken a bit to really gain momentum, but we're there at this point. It'll ...


    Great StoryWell another great storyline with our favourite heros. Looking forward to the next book with more action and banter. Totally loving the fact that a 9 year old girl is going to be the big bo...

  • Carole Eshenbaugh

    Good build upNever a dull minute. The story just keeps building and building. Characters are more developed. Piper is coming into her own. Liked all the tech combat gear. Ends again cliffhanger. ...

  • Samuel Ibrahim

    It only gets better, for this is, for me, the best installment yet. Apart from the great action, there is a lot of positives to be gleaned and emulated from the human and alien stories of the main cha...