Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide

Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide


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We can all be more creative. John Cleese shows us how.

Creativity is usually regarded as a mysterious, rare gift that only a few possess. John Cleese begs to differ, and in this short, immensely practical and often very amusing guide he shows it's a skill that anyone can acquire. Drawing on his lifelong experience as a writer, he shares his insights into the nature of the creative process, and offers advice on how to get your own inventive juices flowing.

What do you need to do to get yourself in the right frame of mind? When do you know that you've come up with something that might be worth pursuing? What do you do if you think you've hit a brick wall?

Not only does he explain the way your mind works as you search for inspiration, he also shows that, regardless of the task you've set yourself, you can learn to be better at coming up with a promising idea, refining it and knowing when you're ready to act on it.

We can all unlock new reserves of creativity within ourselves. John Cleese shows us how.
'Humorous and practical ... Whether you're hoping to write a novel or paint a masterpiece, you're sure to feel inspired' OK Magazine

'His candor is endearing ... An upbeat guide to the creative process' Kirkus

'A jovial romp ... Cleese fans will enjoy, and writers and other artists will breeze through, picking up a few nuggets of wisdom along the way' The Festival Review

'A sincere and thoughtful guide to creativity, and a very useful book' Graham Norton

'Wise words on the serious business of being silly' Sunday Business Post

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    Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide Reviews

  • Maggie Stiefvater

    "We came to understand that the blockages weren't an interruption in the [creative] process, they were part of it. For example, when you eat, the bit where the fork returns empty to your plate isn't a...

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    We would watch Month Python together, my hubby and I, but it was Fawlty towers that won my heart. John Cleese is brilliant. In this short book he shows us how our unconscious works, to aid us when we ...

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    Who better to tell us a few things about creativity than John Cleese, the beloved award-winning writer of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and a ton of other great stuff, eh? A more cynical person might s...

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    This is not, in any real sense, a book. Yes, my copy is hardbound and 100 pages long, but all the monkey business that the publishers engaged in to get it to 100 pages made me laugh. They brought the ...

  • Julian Worker

    This is a short book of 90 pages about the creative process of writing. It's an interesting work but probably overpriced. There's some excellent information in here delivered in an amusing style. It w...

  • Bill

    A short and quite entertaining book in which John Cleese supplies tips on how to be creative, even if you think you're not a naturally creative person....

  • Laurie Connolly

    A short, sweet read. Adding it to the shelf of favorites:The War of Art - Steven PressfieldOn Writing - Stephen KingWriting without Teachers - Peter ElbowWriting Down the Bones - Natalie GoldbergNext ...

  • Patrick Kennedy

    Exactly what it says: short and cheerful. The older I get the more I prefer short books. Brevity and all that. ...

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    John Cleese shares all he knows about creativity in this 103-page book. He studied science and later law in college, but it was only after he joined a society called the Footlights that he began to le...

  • Rebecca Watts

    A very quick read. Nice and airy on the page. John Cleese reminds us of the power of taking your time, creating the space (and time) for letting the ideas come, the power of your unconscious mind, and...