Murder in the Jazz Band: A Golden Age Mystery

Murder in the Jazz Band: A Golden Age Mystery


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The anticipated sequel to Amazon Bestseller, An Oxford Murder, hailed as a “wonderfully stylish and delightful mystery romance” (Amazon Five Star Review)

When Catherine’s brother’s girlfriend, Emily, is arrested for the murder of an Oxford jazz saxophonist, he pleads with her to help find the real culprit. Though she is a newly hired tutor at Somerville College, Catherine has some past success at unmasking criminals and allows herself to be persuaded. She starts by going “undercover” as a weekend jazz singer with the murdered man’s band. Assisted by her beau, Dr. Harry Bascombe, she soon finds herself swimming in motives for the saxophonist’s death.

Could the murderer be the Communist band leader? The black American trombone sensation? The drummer with a secret lover? Or maybe the severely introverted math whiz? What if it’s not a member of the band at all?

While she tussles with her first year of teaching and worries over a troubled student, Catherine is also juggling her complex relationship with Dr. Harry and the fallout from an earlier relationship. When Emily is released and the police arrest her brother, Catherine is forced to dig deeper into her investigation uncovering new facts and unsuspected motives.

What other secrets can she find in the rarefied atmosphere of 1930s Oxford? And will Catherine
survive the peril she encounters from an unexpected quarter?

Title:Murder in the Jazz Band: A Golden Age Mystery
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    Murder in the Jazz Band: A Golden Age Mystery Reviews

  • Les Wilson

    An excellent book and far better than many costing 10 times the price of this one....

  • Gail Gassen

    Amazing! Don't read this its a spoiler alert!!! Im sorry I really had to think about who the killer was but when one of the band members was attacked I had my suspicions about who it was. By golly I w...

  • Robin

    I enjoyed the first book more - perhaps it was just the setting. As someone else said, at times it felt a bit repetitive. I appreciated Catherine's reflections on herself and the "empty hole" she was ...

  • John Keeth

    Totally Disappointed With ThisI had read the first and third book in this series before reading the second book. I am so glad I did. Had I read this in sequence l would have stopped with this one. Wha...

  • Mirachil27

    Too much romanceI absolutely loved Murder in Oxford, the author’s first book in this series, so this book was a bit disappointing. There is too much focus on romance and not enough on mystery. Howev...

  • Wendy LaBounty

    "Murder in the Jazz Band" is the second delightful book in the 'Catherine Tregowyn' series. The characters are all either aristocrats themselves, or family or friends thereof, so the lifestyles are ov...

  • Margaret

    There were parts I found rather slow and almost repetitive. It got a little better at the end. Cat really didn't solve the mystery. It was just thrust upon her. It probably doesn't help that I'm not a...

  • Pam Holmes

    Fun romp through 1930’s Oxford jazz scene!I love the way this author creates an atmosphere that is tangible, filled with detail that gives you the sense that you are there. Her character development...

  • Mark J. Sauer

    Complex storylineVery good concepts but a little long on the character “problem” issues with Harry almost too self destructive and she never really admits that she pushed and cheated on Harry firs...

  • Larry

    I was pleasantly surprised to read yet another very good book from this author, in a well written series. The characters were very believable, and endearing, the plot was easily followed, yet has all ...