Hell Hath No Fury 12

Hell Hath No Fury 12



Chapter 1 - Jane Dorotik: Was it just money that motivated Jane to beat her husband to death at their California ranch?

Chapter 2 - Cheryl McCafferty: It seemed that the McCafferty family was living the American Dream but that was just an illusion – an illusion that was shattered by gunshots in Fort Thomas, Kentucky in 2007.

Chapter 3 - Sandra Jessee: Sandra had a problem. She didn’t want to pay for her husband Jack’s cancer treatments. She knew just how to take care of that problem.

Chapter 4 - Cherrylle Dell: Cherrylle thought she had got away with murdering one partner in 1995 so she tried it again in 1997 in Killaloe, Ontario, Canada.

Chapter 5 - Laura Rogers: When you read about the motive, ask yourself what you would have done. This story played out in Laurel, Maryland in 2004.

Chapter 6 – Tonya Ford: During a 911 call, Tonya said that she had come home to find her husband David lying in a pool of blood. A year and a half later, Tonya was arrested for murder.

Chapter 7 - Christine Billis: For two years, it looked like Christine Billis had got away with murder. Then she signed up with a dating site.

Chapter 8 – Joanna McElrath: Robert McElrath was a Susanville, California police officer when he was gunned down with his own service revolver on New Year’s Day 2011. His wife was the prime suspect and she had a little help.

Chapter 9 - Lisa Donlon: Lisa was a victim of domestic abuse who shot her husband to death in Butte, Alaska in 2010. Was it self-defence or cold-blooded murder?

Chapter 10 – Joy Hodge: A 16-month-old baby girl dies when her mom leaves her home alone. Her timeline is disputed by the autopsy results.

Chapter 11 – Amber Hill: Amber Hill drowned her two young daughters in their Cleveland, Ohio home in 2007.

Chapter 12 – Eleazar Mendez: What drove Eleazar Mendez to smother her five-year-old twins and their eight-year-old brother in De Queen, Arkansas in 2007?

Chapter 13 – Therressa Ritchie: Little Samantha Ritchie was just four years old when she walked downstairs and saw something she wasn’t supposed to see. She paid for it with her life.

Chapter 14 – Renee King: We may never know why Renee King committed unspeakable acts of abuse on her two-year-old stepdaughter.

Chapter 15 – Debra Jeter: A broken marriage, a protection order, a pending divorce and custody fight. It was a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what the result was.

Chapter 16 – Deborah Fornuto: Six healthy babies all die at the age of two or younger. The deaths are put down to SIDS. One family member fights to set the record straight.

Chapter 17 – Judy Buenoano: Judy murdered her husband, son, and boyfriend. It wasn’t until she changed her modus operandi that she got caught.

Chapter 18 - Lyda Southard aka Lyda Trueblood: Lyda is thought to be one of the earliest female serial killers in the United States.

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