Apartment Six

Apartment Six

An abusive husband.
A woman desperate to escape.
A stranger willing to put his life on the line.
A grave mistake they may live to regret.
Would you have the courage to leave?
Be careful what you wish for...

When Meagan was five years old her mother was viciously attacked and murdered.

Now an adult, she herself is the victim of an abusive relationship. Meagan is desperate to escape but doesn’t have the courage to leave.

So, when Meagan meets Oliver, a guy on the rebound after a failed relationship, the two strike up a connection. But when Meagan confesses that her husband is abusive, it leads Oliver down a dark and dangerous path.

Just how far would you go to protect someone?

Title:Apartment Six
Edition Language:English
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    Apartment Six Reviews

  • Kim ~ It?s All About the Thrill

    Shut the front door! No really- shut it, dead bolt it, get a guard dog. Especially if you are anywhere near Apartment Six. Terrifying, violent, bad things happen in and around Apartment Six and I had ...

  • Sue

    Stuart James sets a very raw and emotive dark deep premise that will make many readers feel all kinds of emotions.Make no bones about it, abuse in any form is totally not acceptable, whether subtle, e...

  • Bridgett

    Dissenting voice here.I have zero tolerance for willfully stupid characters and that's exactly what Oliver was. Between his beyond doofy-ass choices, his "insta-love" relationships, and his irritating...

  • Mark

    A tense, clever psychological thrillerIts best to mention this book deals with domestic abuse, physical and mental and both feature throughout the bookOliver is stunned when his girlfriend leaves him,...

  • ? oscar ?

    One of the worst thrillers I’ve read. Definitely up there with Kepnes’ Hidden Bodies. The plot was so dumb. The characters were annoying. The red flags were already there at the beginning and I ch...

  • Shalini

    This was an absolute complete thrillathon where every chapter had something new to make me wonder what more the author Stuart James had in his bag of tricks.Meagan was in an abusive relationship. She ...

  • Lou

    Apartment Six is Stuart James’s fourth psychological thriller with a substantial ol’ helping of horror thrown in for good measure. The call handlers working for the emergency services are a little...

  • Karen

    The story begins with five year old Meagan hiding in a cupboard whilst on the phone to the emergency services. Her mother, having suffered at the hands of her abusive husband lies motionless on the fl...

  • The Book Review Caf

    Ever since I read Turn The Other Way by Stuart James I’ve been eagerly anticipating his latest crime thriller Apartment Six and it’s finally here! Was it worth the wait? It’s a ‘hell yes’ wi...

  • Nicole ?

    THE ULTIMATE THRILLER!Not only was this probably the most disturbing thriller I have ever read but pretty much all of the characters are also disturbing , deranged, psychotic, and completely unhinged!...