Wolf's Secret

Wolf's Secret


, insta-love-or-lust, 2020, Paranormal

Brianna thought she escaped the cruel hands of a Matchmaker, but fate had other plans and an alpha wolf is the only one who can save her.

Brianna Lake moved across the country after a Matchmaker almost ruined her life by attempting to turn her into an immortal shifter and selling her to the highest bidder. In a small town in Nebraska, Brianna is just starting to feel safe again when she finds herself pulled back into the world of the immortals.

Her friend is killed with a silver bullet, and Brianna knows it means one thing: her friend was a shifter, and she thinks her secret is out. Her search for answers leads her to Archer, a hot wolf shifter whom Brianna is instantly drawn to.

She holds back her secret from Archer—that she has the genetics to be turned into a shifter. However, in small towns, secrets can’t be kept for too long, and Brianna is snatched by a hunter. Only Archer can save her, but is he willing to risk his own life?
Will Brianna and Archer save each other, or will she end up a victim of a Matchmaker after all?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.

Title:Wolf's Secret
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  • Brenda Moser

    Book three in the series brings Brianna and Archer's story. The author does a great job building the story and pulls you in with all the danger and suspense as well as the romance. It's an action pack...

  • Caroline Rose

    This book has potential, but it really fell flat for me. I have read the premise of this story many times in one form or another, but written much better. There was repetition and typos. Predictable, ...

  • Angie Barnes

    Lola Gabriel has written a 5-star book that continues the story of Brianna. Brianna has left New York after she is saved from the Matchmaker. She has decided to go to Nebraska. On her first day there ...

  • Raecharmed

    Brianna was trying to start over and put her abduction behind her. She took the money Raina and Logan gave her to move out of New York and start school in Nebraska. She meets some women on her first d...

  • Fay

    I was provided the full collection of this series, so my review goes to all 4 books.Honestly, I have read hundreds books with Shifters. But this collection was the best so far in every aspect. 4 stori...

  • Diana Lindoff

    Wolf’s Secret by Lola Gabriel is a suspenseful paranormal romance between a mortal and an Alpha. The characters are well developed and engaging and the storyline is well written and has a smooth fl...

  • Jessica Mitchell

    Ooo and it gets better and better with each new book in this series. This one continues off of the last book. So honestly I would definitely read these books in order, because you will miss vital info...

  • Kaye

    ONE TUMULTUOUS HUMDINGER!!!Let the games begin! Lola dropped the bomb and lowered the boom, blazing the trail and seizing control, blasting this baby into the eye of the storm, breaking it down, blowi...

  • C.B.

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire? Brianna, 25 barely escaped the fate of the Matchmakers trying totraffick her out and turn her into an immortal shifter. Raina and Logan saved her. She carries the...

  • Margaret

    Brianna moves to the University of Nebraska to get away from what had happened in New York.After Brianna Lake is rescued from the Matchmaker in New York she moves to the University of Nebraska to stud...