Mystery on Valentine's Day

Mystery on Valentine's Day


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Ginger Gold & Violet Carlyle Mystery short story

The worlds of Ginger Gold and Violet Carlyle collide in this fun Valentine Mystery short story by bestselling authors Lee Strauss and Beth Byers.
While both Ginger and Violet had plans for a romantic evening of dinner and dancing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their husbands, something goes terribly awry. One by one, female patrons discover that they are missing jewellery.

In this closed room mystery filled with a brigade of colourful characters, Violet and Ginger join forces to put their skills of deduction to work. Can they unveil the culprit and solve the mystery in time for dessert?

Don’t miss this delectable bite-sized tale. Pairs perfectly with a box of chocolate and a comfy chair!

Title:Mystery on Valentine's Day
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    Mystery on Valentine's Day Reviews

  • QNPoohBear

    This is a super simple short story. I figured out who the jewel thief was immediately. It's so obvious that I'm sure Ginger should have figured it out. Of course one can't jump to conclusions but .......

  • Kelly Young

    Truthfully, I had hoped for a more in depth book. It was quite simple, a quick and easy read, but had as much description of what characters were wearing as there was plot. As I read the Ginger Gold s...

  • D. Starr

    Short Story - A Heist at the SavoyCo-written by Beth Byers and Lee StraussSuitable for middle school - adult Cozy mysteryNo sexNo violenceNo strong languageAbout 2 hours reading time depending on your...

  • Joanne Ernest

    Mystery on Valentine;s Day by Beth Byers and Lee StraussIt's Valentine Day and Violet and Jack Wakefield are sitting in the River Restaurant at the Savoy Hotel where they have elected to celebrate the...

  • Bonita

    Valentine robbery!Several of high society couples, including Ginger and Basil Reed, chief inspected of Scotland yard, Violet and Jack Wakefield, also of the police force, and many other couples gather...

  • Krystyna

    Dinner out means fun and excitement A great little read but be warned it is only 75% of the page count. St Valentine's Day and an evening out with your love seems to be the order of the day.She and Ja...

  • Helen Drake

    Delightful Valentine’s Day CaperI enjoyed reading this Valentines’s Day short story with a jewelry heist in a famed London restaurant frequented by society in the 1920’s. It was fun having two f...

  • Tera Leigh

    MehI never really find these short stories satisfying. Knowing both characters in advance helps, but there just isn’t enough of a mystery. The authors, generally, did a good job blending the charact...

  • Gail A Ostrove

    Another eventful Valentine's dayGinger and Basil wind up having their evening interrupted by a pair of theives. With the help of Violet and Jack Wakefield they are able to stop the thieves from gettin...

  • KathleenWH

    An enjoyable froth of a short storyBringing together Ginger Gold and Violet Carlyle in a mad dash through Valentine's dinners with their respective inspector husband's and a jewelry heist. ...