Sullivan: Cowboy Protector

Sullivan: Cowboy Protector


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Christian Historical Western Romance
Book Four of the Very Popular Kavanagh Brothers Series 
Sheila Kelly is on the run. The most frightening word she knows is witchcraft. She is a healer like her mother and all the Kelly women before her. When a distraught father brings his deceased daughter to Sheila's house, he claims that Sheila killed her. 
Sullivan Kavanagh was a captain in the Army, and he is used to giving orders. He's convinced when people don't do things his way, they end up dead. He's liked Sheila for a while but just as a friend. When her life goes awry, he decides he needs to her hide and to plan a future for her. 
Sheila is an independent woman and she doesn't need a man to tell her where and how to live. She's raising her young daughter just fine alone. She never realized how controlling Sullivan is until they hide from the mob chasing her. 
Is it possible for two people who are strong willed and independent to manage a relationship, or will they always believe their way is the right way? Can they learn to make decisions from their hearts instead of from their past experiences?

Title:Sullivan: Cowboy Protector
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    Sullivan: Cowboy Protector Reviews

  • Nola Arganbright

    I will fear no evilA very strong and gripping story. Sheila has been accused of being a witch and of killing a child. Sullivan is her friend and does what he can to protect her and her daughter. Even ...

  • Sandra Sorola

    Sullivan Kavanagh has been a loner since leaving the Army after the Civil War. Returning to his home, he didn't date or spend time with anyone.He met Sheila Kelly in the woods and they struck up a fri...

  • Lori D

    It is really terrible when you have not done anything wrong, yet you are blamed for it. That was the case for Sheila Kelly, who was a healer. A man had brought his daughter to her that had already pas...

  • Judy Esposito

    Sullivan: Cowboy Protector: Christian Historical! I enjoyed this 4th book in the Kavanach Brothers Series. Sullivan and Sheila were very likeable characters, ones I found myself caring about. Especial...

  • Connie

    This was another wonderful story of the Kavanagh brothers. This time it is Sullivan and the town's healer, Sheila. There is much that is going on in this book. It plays out like a movie for the most p...

  • Sandy

    Hatred, pain and years loss can she find happiness? Now this one starts off interesting Sheila is being chased by men with rifles and we have not gotten off the first page yet wow! The action just kee...

  • Tracey

    A really good cowboy romance. 💞❤️🤠💞Shelia is on the run after being accused of being a witch. But she can't bring someone back from death no matter how good of a healer she is. When Sulli...

  • Colin Bell

    Sheila, a young woman with a daughter, served the local community as a healer. She was maliciously blamed for the death of a young child who had been badly burned and had to go on the run. Despite bei...

  • Marie Bourgery

    Shelia was raped and had her daughter Becca out of wedlock. At the beginning of this story the townspeople try to string her up because she can’t bring a child that was badly burned back to life. Sh...

  • Sheila

    Sullivan Kavanagh is part of a large family that lives next to Sheila and her daughter. When the town turns on Sheila because they think she is a witch when someone brought his daughter to her for hea...