Helpless For Her

Helpless For Her

I've never wanted a girl.
That's how most rappers go down.
They chase skirts and get distracted. They get careless. Sloppy.
I don't have time for that.
I have an empire to build--my own clothing line, vodka, record label, and more investments than I can count.
Not to mention my two hit albums that have launched me, DeMarcus Elba, into Hip Hop royalty.
But all of that changes when I see her...
I feel like I'm under a spell. 
I don't understand how she wields so much power over me. 
I feel possessed by her charms. I'm obsessed with her beauty.
I've never seen anything I wanted so badly. No. Not wanted. Needed.
If I don't have her, I won't be able to function. 
I won't be able to go on. 
I know myself and I know this: if she doesn't belong to me, then I won't be able to stop obsessing about her. 
My mind will be tormented with thoughts of her while my empire crashes down all around me. 
While I lose everything. 
While I become a shell of a man because she's not there to fill me up.
Making her mine is all that matters.
And nothing is going to stop me from taking what I want.

An AA romance with an ultra-insta-insane-OTT love! Get ready for DeMarcus Elba a possessive alpha hero who makes zero apologies for his obsession with his new love. Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

Title:Helpless For Her
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    Helpless For Her Reviews

  • Bookloverme

    4.5 StarsOlivia T. Turner really knows how to write OTT alpha males. I loved his possessiveness. He's so obsessed. The story is about DeMarcus a.k.a. No-Bility and Ayana.He's one of the best rappers o...

  • Darlene I read WAY to many books

    This was a short read sith some steam.  Ill be honest i wasnt feeling the rapper plot.. also first time reading a rapper plot.. idk i just didnt connect with it. It was a good story i was just meh. I...

  • Dee's Reading Zone

    *****Oh my Goodness, I read this book again overnight and I just have to change my rating to 5 stars!"I’ve never seen anything I wanted so badly. No. Not wanted. Needed." - DeMarcus Elba"Eeeeeeh! I...

  • Sandy Nikolas

    Romance in the music business Great love story about Ayana and Demarcus. I liked this story involving the music business. Demarcus was all about Ayana and his obsession with her is the OTT we all like...

  • Nova

    I really loved this book and this author cannot do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Ayana works for PR company MREX and she’s about to take on her biggest account with the launch of rapper and bus...

  • ??Fantasy Land  Book Reviewer??

    I enjoyed this story. Helpless for Her is an instalove story with an alpha male and a sweet girl. Although it is a shorter story, you will find a good story in between these sheets of paper. ...

  • Renella Brookes

    Love it need more books by Olivia T.TUrner...

  • MichelleG

    Holy cow. DeMarcus may be the craziest OTT Hero Dani Wyatt has created since Akea in ‘You. Me. Bed. Now”, and I didn’t think that was possible. He goes from fine to thinking he won’t be able t...

  • Vinessa

    Wow what a read.This is a fast paced love story. Ayana and her bestfriend Madison attend a club event that her favorite rapper is attending. But she never gets a glimse of him, either a bouncer, or a ...

  • Sarah

    I have every book Ms. OTT has written, at least what's available to e-read that is, and I am comfortable giving my honest opinion about her latest "Helpless For Her." I was thoroughly enjoying the fir...