The Queer Bible

The Queer Bible


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A gorgeously illustrated collection of essays written by today’s queer heroes—featuring contributions from Elton John, Tan France, Gus Kenworthy, Paris Lees, Russell Tovey, Munroe Bergdorf, and many others. The Queer Bible is a celebration of LGBTQ+ history and culture, edited by model, performer, and GQ contributing editor Jack Guinness.

Our queer heroes write about theirs.

In 2016, model and queer activist Jack Guinness decided that the LGBTQ+ community desperately needed to be reminded of its long and glorious history of stardom—and he was spurred to action. The following year, was born, an online community devoted to celebrating queer heroes, both past and present. “So much queer history is hidden or erased,” says Guinness. “The Queer Bible is a home for all those personal stories and histories.”

In this book, contemporary queer icons pay homage to those who helped pave their paths. Contributors include Vogue columnist Paris Lees (writing on Edward Enniful), singer and songwriter Elton John (writing on Divine), comedian Mae Martin (writing on Tim Curry), author Joseph Cassara (writing on Pedro Almodóvar), and many others, honoring timeless queer icons such as Susan Sontag, David Bowie, Sylvester, RuPaul, and George Michael through illuminating essays paired with stunning illustrations.

The Queer Bible is a powerful and intimate essay collection of gratitude, and an essential, enduring love letter to the queer community.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Now we praise their names.

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    The Queer Bible Reviews

  • Emily B

    As well as being entertaining this book was also informative and inspiring not just for those in the LGBTQI+ community. I also came away from this book with a bunch of other books to read, art to look...

  • Anna Avian

    For a book that claims to be a "Bible" there should have been more diverse stories and notable figures involved. The very scarce number of lesbian sections was something that was a disappointment for ...

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars. The Queer Bible is such a terrific and inspiring concept!!While this would have been perfect for Pride Month, I was still excited to get this book. It’s a collection of essays written ...

  • Verónica Fleitas Solich

    An expression of life, culture and creativity.Art reaffirming us as human beings and demonstrating the impact it can have, especially in communities that do not find support in the closest links.With ...

  • Davenport Public Library

    A book of ambitious scope, The Queer Bible brings together many disparate personalities and perspectives into one big love letter to the LGBTQ community and its heroes. None of the writers shy away fr...

  • Lisa Bentley

    I have read a lot of Queer literature this year, I love LGBTQIA fiction but I have to say that it has been the non-fiction that has stuck with me. I decided to listen to the audiobook of The Queer Bi...

  • Liz Mistry

    What a brilliant book! I loved the essays from a variety of gay icons and found myself able to dip in and out of it as and when I had the time. Loved particularly the one on George Michael.This was an...

  • Grace

    I enjoyed the concept of this one and I thought the essays were enjoyable and interesting. I wish there had been a wider range of essayists in terms of geographical representation, but I did appreciat...

  • Carter Murphy

    A gem. ...

  • Deborah

    I will never truly be able to walk in my gay brother’s, trans son’s, or all-gender star child’s shoes, but this essential work opens doors that help me accurately empathize, support, and celebra...