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I only date for two reasons: blood and ice cream. But an errant love spell has my three man-snacks calling me their mate:

- A wolf shifter who’s an Instagram model.
- A Pegasus shifter who shifts when he sneezes.
- Bob.

As a vampire, I don’t need any mortals hanging around. I just want the delicious treats they provide...and their help stopping an old nemesis from destroying Silver Springs and tainting all the ice cream.

Can I save my town? Will my three mates thaw my frozen heart and teach me to love again?

Sapphire is a paranormal reverse harem novel. It’s part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe but can be read as a standalone.

Scroll up to read this quirky, steamy rom-com today.

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    Sapphire Reviews

  • ? Crystal ? -  PEACE ? LOVE ? BOOKS

    This was just a weird and crazy read for me. It was a bit outlandish, which trust me I liked, I dunno I just couldn’t connect and kept either getting distracted while reading or losing interest. And...

  • Mummy's Naughty Corner

    Well this had good parts. I liked the ice cream factory not a usual location for a story. The ending was so funny. Fighting with magical dildos will stay with me for a long time. I think the book coul...

  • Daphnne

    If you don't love Bob you're a monster!This book had me giggling and laughing out loud so many times I had to leave my desk. Yes, that's right, I made the mistake of reading at work and that was all s...

  • Pamala Hunt

    Loved it!!A vampire, a pegasus shifter, a wolf shifter, and a human what a diverse pack. I'm loving all of the Jewels Cafe books, on to the next one!...

  • Coco.V

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (6/11/2021)! 🎁...

  • Annette

    I’m still searching for the catchfrases implying that a RH book is written for me. But I’m fairly certain that “a normal oblivious boy in a supernatural world” is absolutely and totally one of...

  • Charlotte

    Amber the first book in the Jewels Cafe series was a great short book but Sapphire was just as good if not better. Wise-cracking, ice cream addict Sapphire finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy ...

  • Natalie

    I’m liking how each book in the series is done by a different author but still using the same world and mentions of the other characters. The first one was romance drama and sweetness, this one goes...

  • Kitty Katz

    DNF at 35%lost interest :(...

  • Alicia Evans

    I read the first book in this shared universe and thought it was adorable. This one was just as sweet, but more in terms of it reading as pure fun and silliness. The book was quick, hilarious, and did...