The Girl in Cabin 13

The Girl in Cabin 13

When Emma finds a dead body on her porch with her name written on the dead man's hand she uncovers a sinister clue to the mystery that has haunted her since childhood.

FBI agent Emma Griffin is sent undercover to the small sleepy town of Feathered Nest to uncover the truth behind the strings of disappearances that has left the town terrified.
To Emma there is nothing that can lay buried forever. Even though her own childhood has been plagued by deaths and disappearances.
Her mother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and her boyfriend’s disappearance. The only cases that she hasn’t solved.
Her obsession with finding out the truth behind her past was what led her to join the FBI.

Now, she must face what may be her biggest case. In Cabin 13 there lies an uneasy feeling. The feeling of her movements being watched.
When a knock on her door revealed a body on her porch and her name written on a piece of paper in the dead man’s hand. Suddenly her worlds collide.
With the past still haunting her, Emma must fight past her own demons to stop the body count from rising.
The woods have secrets. And this idyllic town has dark and murderous ones.
Either she reveals them or risk them claiming her too.

In Feathered Nest, nothing is what it seems.
The Girl in Cabin 13 is about to find out that the dead may have secrets of their own.

The Girl in Cabin 13 is the first book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

Title:The Girl in Cabin 13
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    The Girl in Cabin 13 Reviews

  • Steven D Catron

    This was a ridiculous book,,,I love a Good crime/serial killer book with a female lead,,,,this book is Not !!FBI agent Emma Griffin is a mess. the book opens with her completely ruining an undercover ...

  • HJ

    Engaging story, but felt like the author has little knowledge or experience with the FBI to make this more legitimate feeling.Info dump from villain's monologue was a bit over the top, as well....

  • Kat

    Mixed bagThis wasn’t a horrible book, but I don’t think it’s a great book with interesting twists and turns. In the middle. - the main character, Emma, is an FBI agent who Is like a bull in a ch...

  • Kayla

    THIS WAS SO GOOD ❤️ okay I don’t know if Im just an idiot or what cuz I didn’t think that the killer was gonna be that person like I was surprised maybe I just seen to read more crime fiction ...

  • Victoria

    Couldn’t do itThe story was predictable due to the poor writing regarding character development. Emma is an FBI agent who is very weak and ignorant in her job, how she became an agent is beyond me. ...

  • Erica Par

    So I came across this book on kindle unlimited. I had never heard of the author before so had no idea what to expect as far as writing style. This book was amazing! It was quick to get through, kept y...

  • Meaghan McGill

    Finished in just a couple of days! What would you do if you found a dead body on your porch…with your name written on the dead body’s hand!!!! A haunting mystery that a secret FBI agent is sent to...

  • ? Cindy ?

    Average read. The mystery wasn't interesting. The people had no appeal. I didn't really care how did it. Ho Hum....

  • Lady Delacour

    This story was apoorly written dud.Listening with TTSmakes poor writingeven more noticeable.Good storytelling andwriting will have arhythm and a flow,making TTS easy tolisten to. A story poorlywritten...

  • L Cherry

    Creepy cabin mysteryThe beginning didn’t grab my attention like I had hoped, but after sticking with it for a couple of chapters it really got interesting. The cabin was creepy enough to get the sus...