Power Mage 3

Power Mage 3


Blamed for the Miami massacre, Brawley lays low with a Carnal biker gang, vowing to train hard and crack strands.

Seven orders. Seven amazing powers. Seven beautiful teachers.

Will Brawley bond with a frightened but deadly cat girl? A lovely, grease-streaked Gearhead trapped in psionic slavery? Or a telepathic damsel in distress crying out from his past?

The choice will change Brawley forever.

But when he leaves hiding to seek a mysterious object hidden by his deceased parents, “forever” might end quickly.

How can Brawley fulfill his destiny when everyone is after him?

The Order, the FPI, the Tiger Mage… they all want him dead. And now, a terrifying new enemy has joined the hunt: a dark summoner whose secret agenda will shed light on the past—and darkness on the future.

Warning: Power Mage is an explosive series containing graphic violence, explicit sex, and a harem of gorgeous women who wreak serious havoc with their minds. Read at your own risk.

Title:Power Mage 3
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    Power Mage 3 Reviews

  • Steve Naylor

    Rating 4.0 stars The story continues strong. Brawley meets a couple of girls that he could probably add to his group of women but he doesn't "go there" right away. The cat girl Callie seems young and ...

  • Al

    The least of the story so far. While things happen, the story feels stalled and doesn't really move forward. Uno monologues to his victims not once but twice which frankly seems odd. Not sure we reall...

  • Frank Bertino

    Fun Read Brawley continues his romp with his wives and other prospects with the right strands appear. His power and skill grow. Can he defeat a powerful hit man who wants to sacrifice him and his wome...

  • Paps

    A fun read, good continuation of the series. Although that ending was a D*** move from the author but fun and enjoyable. I am sad about some of the deaths, although minor characters is a shame they a...

  • Jon

    Amazing bookAnother amazing book from Honda. Captivating characters and great story again. Could put the book down like the other two and can’t wait to start the next one. Definitely worth reading!...

  • Marc Mallari

    Most suspenseful yet.Most action packed yet. Brawley's continues to grow and may have found more women to bond with. The whole time he wrestles with his powers but grows alot in the process....

  • Mr D

    The adventure continues I really enjoyed the continuing story of the power mage really good adult urban fantasy would recommend this(and the previous books)...

  • Koffe

    3.5 Stars. Still think it's a solid series but nothing that will blow you away with wonder. ...

  • Joshua Kurtz

    Hell yeah!! A wild ride of a read. Plenty of action and great storyline. Series gets better and better with each book. Can’t wait to get to book 4. ...

  • Gaylord

    It just continues to get better!...