Second Hand Colt: A Western Adventure (The Second Hand Colt Western Series Book 1)

Second Hand Colt: A Western Adventure (The Second Hand Colt Western Series Book 1)


“He’s nothing but a kid,” said the big man.
“Maybe so,” said Boot, “but I told you what I saw.”
“Was that before or after you started in drinking Boot? “
“Somebody ask him.” Looking at me he said, “can you do it again?”
“You mean shoot a bottle?” I ask him.
“Well that’s what you done last night ain’t it?”
“Sure I can,” I said, “but you fellows must be mighty hard up for entertainment around here.”
The big man shouted to the bartender, “give me an empty bottle.”
“Let’s go outside,” he told me and we walked out followed by every one of them in there. Even the bartender came from behind the bar and followed us.
The big man told another to take the bottle down to the end of the street. “Boot you tell him when he gets in the right spot.” When it was in place and the man had moved back out of the way the big man turned and asked me, “where’s your rifle?”.
“Don’t need it for this, “I said. Looking down the street I said, “the bottle’s laying different.”
He turned toward the other men and said, “and now the excuses start boys.”
Not liking his attitude, I drew fired and holstered that Colt before the shards of glass quit falling.

Title:Second Hand Colt: A Western Adventure (The Second Hand Colt Western Series Book 1)
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    Second Hand Colt: A Western Adventure (The Second Hand Colt Western Series Book 1) Reviews

  • Joanne N. Dorsett

    A VERY GOOD WESTERN READ & STORY!This Story has lots of action & folks that I wish I could know!There are happenings that are different from any other Western story's that I Have read! I really enjoye...

  • Clara E Hisaw

    A Good SurpriseI enjoyed a good surprise reading this book. It wasn't all blood and guts but "life" in between. Was pleasantly surprised by the ending. I would highly recommend this book....

  • Nancy Cobbs

    Enjoyable I found this book to be entertaining.I enjoyed how it was written and the vocabulary was not offensive.It is nice to read a book that has NO vulgar language in it....

  • Carol Duckett French

    Unusual EndingA good, clean western story! Gunfights, trailing outlaws, love found and lost and found again. This book has all the earmarks of a a good story!...

  • Travis A Treat

    The age of the countetBeing in my eighties I often thank of those who were here before. What great civilization they were As touch on in this story, how much of history it still out there for us to fi...

  • joseph w clouser

    Good taleThis is a good story. The dialect seems pretty authentic and the plot is good with some twists.There are some typos and grammar errors , but in my opinion , they added to the story. It was al...

  • Barbara Lee Wood

    FIND THE GOLDNot bad but it could be better. I found a bit of action especially when Sheriff Dan, meets the stagecoach, and he recognized a gambler Albert Meek, who worked the riverboats on the Missis...

  • D. E.

    A GMG. Western Action Adventure (SHC.) (AWA)GMG. has penned a western action adventure that starts in Southern Alabama then runs for four year on the Mississippi as the primary character becomes a gam...

  • Paul F. Brady

    Hire a proof readerThe story was interesting and the initial premise seemed plausible. However, the ending was a little far fetched. Basically, a pleasant, quick read. The many grammatical errors just...

  • Sandra Whittiker

    Second Hand Colt: A Western AdventureThis was definitely a western with a few twists that I never saw coming, it had it all, an extremely smart man, strange happenings and even more inventive solution...