Tribe Master

Tribe Master


, Polyamorous

Build a tribe. Kill monsters. Bed beautiful women. Become a master.
After passing through a portal, test pilot Jack Hawthorne finds himself in the mysterious land of Agraria.
It has everything in abundance – beautiful women, plentiful resources, and more than a few things that want to kill him.
Now Jack must build his own tribe from the ground up if he wants to have a chance at surviving – and begin working towards the creation of his very own empire.
Warning: Tribe Master involves adult situations, including explicit sexuality, slicing and dicing bad guys and monsters, explicit language and difficult choices. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, steer clear.

Title:Tribe Master
Edition Language:English
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    Tribe Master Reviews

  • Skip Maslan

    FunThis was a fun read and an interesting story. I liked the characters and the way the plot progressed from start to finish. Good action that kept me reading all the way through. Looking forward to t...

  • Robert

    This book is a jokeAnother reviewer said there were few grammatical errors. I hope I never see what that reviewer thinks it's a lot of grammatical errors, because this book is full of them. The author...

  • Andrew Brown

    Really a 3.5So I would have rated this book a solid 4 or 4.5 if there had not been so many grammatical errors and a lack of knowledge/ use of right words (ex: when you ride horses your foot goes in th...

  • Ryan Cross

    Good first bookNot a bad first book. Lots of gamelit elements, and a MC from our society... So why can't he recognize why so many functions of his new world are exactly like video games? Want to build...

  • David

    Boring story, badly writtenThis book has a lot of grammar and spelling errors, the characters are flat and the writing is very immature and bad. So much if the story is told rather than shown. Plot de...

  • James

    A interesting book.The story was pretty good and I enjoyed the characters in the book. The pacing was good and I enjoyed the growth of the settlement as the story unfolds. The MC was good but needs to...

  • Jay Collins

    2.5 to 3 stars, it was okay at times. It was really standard for this type of book tho and nothing to write home about. Nothing new....*****I re-read this by mistake the other day and I found it a lit...

  • David Nettles

    Real Potential This storyline has the most game elements. The monster segment was very good! I could gave done without the recreational drug use. This added nothing to the story except for a weak excu...

  • Timothy

    This is a great book there is just the right combination of intense action and every one in a while NOT every chapter sex, But this book is more of a gamelit genre. This really could have been a longe...

  • Imkmoney

    Be the BossA regular guy lands in an amazing unregular world. He has to learn to fight for all that important to him and for the members of His tribe. Along the way he meets a few gorgeous women... Ye...