Onyx will deal with the results of making a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring.
Stone Hill High this year will offer a modern rendition of a timeless classic: A Christmas Carol.

Onyx is cast for the main role of a female Scrooge.
Title of the play: Her Bah Humbug, which is very fitting since our Onyx despises Christmas with all her heart.

What happens when three sexy high school senio... ehm ghosts will try to show her the error of her ways?

Will the magic pumpkin spice latte drank by the three hotties set to co-star in the high school Christmas play make them fall for her?

Is love caused by the wish at the magic spring?

Did Julian (the Jewels Cafe owner) lend a helping hand?

It certainly seems suspicious that the three hot guys are suddenly all over Onyx when they’ve never really noticed her before.

Come to the play on Christmas Eve and see what happens.

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    Onyx Reviews

  • Mae Padua-janusas

    Lady version of ScroogeSuch a great and sexy rendition of Scrooge. I could re-read this over and over again. In the spirit of the up coming holiday, I’d say Melissa Adams definitely nailed it. Each ...

  • Missy Brown

    Onyx is a fun Christmas quick read. It's a girls version of Scrooge and I was so down for this!!In Onyx we have Onyx, who dis likes Christmas. Why? who would hate Christmas!! But with all the bad luck...

  • Natalie

    It was good but the most depressing Christmas story I’ve read this year. This time everyone is human so it is pretty much a school romance. I felt sorry for Onyx, the beginning being doom and gloom....

  • Rose

    4.5This was a cute HUMAN RH in this magical world. I have not read all the rest of the books in this series, but loved how this one was Human related. There were a few phrases, tiny things, and focus ...

  • Amanda  Tuggle

    Very cute Christmas read! Onyx is amazing I absolutely adore her and her men. The twist on scrooge is great. This book hooked me from the start I tried to read it slowly because I didnt want it to end...

  • Mia Harlan

    Fast-paced, angsty but sweet, steamy new adult high school story....

  • Annette

    My taste is a little wonky lately. Books I expect to be five star reads all of a sudden disappoint and books I'm not that sure about all of a sudden grasp me and refuse to let go. Since contemporary i...

  • Melissa Gloria - Meli?s Books and Coffee

    This was such a cute RH story about Onyx and her boys. Onyx hates Christmas because of all the bad luck she's had over the last few years during the holidays. To continue with her bad luck streak her ...

  • Melissa Hickman

    Festive Christmas Love Story❤️Onyx is such a wonderful character!!! Kind and loving she has several bad incidents that have occurred in her life and they’ve all taken place during Christmas. She...

  • Marylene

    What a pleasant read ! This story was such a sweet rendition of A christmas carol ! Onyx and her men really brought joy in my heart as I was reading !...