The Quantum Price: Ethan Price Book One

The Quantum Price: Ethan Price Book One



They stole his mind. They used him to kill.
Now they’ve lost control.

When a man wakes up face-down in the middle of a garbage dump, he naturally has a few questions.

Why is he in a hand-tailored suit with a bullet hole in his back? Why are there homicidal robots trying to kill him? Why can’t he remember his own name?

And how did he get so good at killing?

But the more he learns, the less he likes—and the more he starts to think this will end very, very badly. With a faceless organization hunting him, bloody flashbacks haunting him, and an intriguing new companion helping him, the clock is ticking on whether he can escape his past before it devours him.

Will he recover his memories before it’s too late, or be forced to become a pawn for the forces hunting him down?

Perfect for fans of The Bourne Identity and James Prescott, The Quantum Price is the thrilling first book in the brand-new Ethan Price series. If you like your technothrillers with a side of cyberpunk, scroll up and grab your copy today!

Title:The Quantum Price: Ethan Price Book One
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    The Quantum Price: Ethan Price Book One Reviews

  • Daniel Kincaid

    Four and a half sizzling stars. This novel has left me breathless. "The Quantum Price" is a sort of melding between Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne and a bit of The Terminator (one and two, of course!), ...

  • Mark

    A thrill ride from start to finishIf you're a fan of AI, robots, Jason Bourne and a near-future techno-society, then you must give this a read. Action packed from start to finish! Can man become machi...

  • Lisalena

    Enjoyable read-Unfortunately, in the last few chapters the story devolved into cliches and absurd plot twists. If the characters possessed more dimension and the storyline was a bit more complex, I wo...

  • Tim Mcgregor

    Be patient for the first 30 % as MM does a few limited character reveals and does his world-building. Once the characters are set in motion it is a thrill a moment. You won't be able to put it down. E...

  • Paul

    Pretty interesting bookQuite a few days ex machina spots that really should be reduced in frequency. When reality changes 3-4 times in the book Im not sure if it's just really part of the storyline un...

  • Mark

    Solid action and good character and cast building leading up to unexpected entanglements. An engaging read....

  • Alan Bradshaw

    Good book.Not what I normally read but I did enjoy the change of pace from my usual books. I will definitely be looking forward to reading the next book which I will be buying just as soon as I finish...

  • Michael Scott Scott

    Couldn't stop reading The Quantum Price! Excellent writing combined with non stop guessing as to what's next, and who really is Ethan Price, kept me turning the pages. Come on Malcolm, get book 2 and ...

  • Steve Schinke

    For the genre (Robots & AI), it was OK. Nothing special, but entertaining enough....

  • Robert Maiuri

    AI with some existential issues.Took a little while to get going but kept me interested. Stay with it. I’m looking forward to the sequel. ...