King's Rogue

King's Rogue

A marine gone rogue
Andrew “Rogue” Willoughby served three tours for the United States, and as a reward, he returned home to a dead mother, a lonely home, and no help from the politicians he served. To console himself, he joins a motorcycle club that reminds him of the brotherhood he enjoyed in the Marines, and he finds a home with the Kings of Men MC. When he spies Reaper and Undertaker bringing in a prisoner, he’s curious, and follows them to their torture room. It doesn’t take him long to recognize their captive as Josh, the younger brother of one of their imprisoned members.

A brother with faults
Joshua Hebb never expected to become a drug dealer, but when his mother gets sick, the bank is ready to take his childhood home. He has no other choice. His brother, Colton, went to jail for the Kings of Men MC. Joshua can’t bring himself to admit to the Kings’ that he has ties to the club because as far as he’s concerned, the Kings of Men abandoned his family when they needed them. But when Rogue recognizes him, everything changes.

Help from unexpected places
If the Kings are willing to give him another chance, Josh will have to earn his keep and prove his loyalty. Falling into bed with Rogue is the most dangerous thing he can do, but it’s hard not to when Andrew, unfailingly, helps how he can when Josh needs someone the most.

Warning: This book contains spoilers to King's Killer. King's Rogue also hints at violent themes involving torture and drug possession.

This is a short story from the Kings of Men MC. It's book 1.5 in the series.

Title:King's Rogue
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    King's Rogue Reviews

  • Gerbera_Reads

    A short novella that features characters from King's Killer. It has a bit of steam, mild angst and possibility of new love. King's men live and love hard, and the life they lead is harsh but very sati...

  • Michelle Campbell

    This is more a review of the series as a whole rather than just this particular book because, although the stories change, many things stay the same in all the books. I have read most of this series(a...

  • Alan

    Ex-army vet and motorcycle club member, Rogue, intervenes in the punishment of a young drug dealer and falls for him. The story is around 72 min, low-angst, and feels improbable. For example, would to...

  • LaTasha Streets

    WorthwhileI have never before seen someone write a short story that reads like all of their full b books. You may look at the page count and become discouraged but you will be pleasantly surprised. Yo...

  • Finnegan

    This is the second book in the Kings of Men MC series (book 1.5 to be exact), and it was loads better as the first book. To start with, I actually liked both MC's, and their actions may not be right, ...

  • Justine Smith

    audio reviewKing's Rogue is a short story in the Kings of Men MC series and should be enjoyed after book 1 King's Killer. This short is about Rogue and Josh. It's intense and fits right in with the se...

  • Amber

    Great short story!Kong's Rogue was a great addition to the series. I liked getting to know a little more about Scar's brother, Josh, and Rogue. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!I read ...

  • Annie Elm

    Short but goodA short story to get the background on Rouge and Josh.Since they were a couple already in Scars book it was nice to see how they met and that they had that attraction between them right ...

  • s a gilbert

    The last book and i wish their were more ....

  • Racquel Smith Johnson

    Another great series by these authors and omg this book was amazing. I must say that im very impressed. The stories are somehow connected and provided continuity throughout the series...