Hades Academy: Third Semester

Hades Academy: Third Semester

New year. New rules.

When my first year at Hades Academy ended, everything had changed. I’d gotten a hole blown in the school, broken a powerful magical vow, and barely escaped with my life. I thought things would finally settle down, but now that I’m back on campus, it turns out the changes were just beginning.

For one thing, the school stuck us all with new roommates—what?—and mine is a total weirdo (which is putting it nicely). For another, I have to deal with all new classes, including learning how to channel my newfound powers of persuasion and seduction (which, are you kidding me?). Even my friendships with Teddy and Morgan feel different. Plus, something’s seriously up with Raines now that his half-brother’s gone. Oh, and if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a trip planned to Elysium to mix and mingle with some guardians at the annual ball.

But most important? The results of my examinations are getting me closer than ever to finding out who my mom was, and where she went.

And she might be in huge danger.

So I have to find her, whatever it takes. Even if that means risking everything—and everyone—I’ve gained from Hades Academy.

Hades Academy: Third Semester is a magic academy NA paranormal fantasy novel with a slow-burn romance and a kickass heroine. Although there are love triangles, this is NOT a reverse harem. Rated 18+ for strong language.

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Title:Hades Academy: Third Semester
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    Hades Academy: Third Semester Reviews

  • Mummy's Naughty Corner

    Okay well the story is coming along. We finally know who her mum is and basically she's the enemy. I liked the look into the Angel school. It's nice that they are essentially working together. I loved...

  • OldBird

    It's impossible not to love the crazy teen adventures of Nova and her demon-in-training buddies. Imagine a light-read academy novel with the perfect balance of screwball antics, paranormal pastiche an...

  • Debbie Eyre

    This series is very addictive and just gets better and better with each book! The twists and turns will have u on the edge of ur seat and the kick ass heroine will have u cheering her on as her friend...

  • Sarah Crawford

    Nova gets her full results and it turns out she's royalty. She also finds out her attributes which include she is strong and has the abilities of a succubus among other things. Then she ends up with a...

  • Lyn Mckenzie

    Omg.... this series seriously just gets better and better!!! It is so unbelievably addictive, I could literally not put it down, I had to keep on turning the pages to find out what was going to happen...

  • Richard Goodrum

    So far the best of the series. I enjoyed the maturing of relationships as well as the search for family and past. Contained several unexpected plot twists.Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Haunting. Scary. ...

  • Deidra

    In love with this series!This series is great! Demon and angel schools, awkward teen turning heartthrob, and a cult!! The mythology within the story is so well crafted! I truly love it. ...

  • Louise

    Really coolI loved this book! We spent 2 and a half books with Nova, desperately hoping she'd find family, her family, and then.... that! Wow! It's a great twist. Not entirely unexpected, but still, t...

  • Andrea Loveless

    2 stars, but could be 4I rated this book so low simply because there are so many effing typos and grammatical errors that it made me crazy. ...

  • Francesca Morales

    Good Yet another good book in this series! It is a bit duller than the second in my opinion but I cant wait to see what else happens. ...