The Demon Zombie Curse: Minecraft Adventure Comics (Flash and Bones Book 7)

The Demon Zombie Curse: Minecraft Adventure Comics (Flash and Bones Book 7)


(This used to be Episode 8, but we combined two earlier comics and shifted the numbers. The old Episode 8, on a different account, is still up on Amazon and we’re trying to take it down)

Bones has been completely taken over by a strange unimaginable power.

Flash must flee with Angel, searching the secret stronghold for the first ingredient required by Leetah the witch.

Not only is it the first of the three ingredients for Leetah, but it might also hold the secret to freeing Bones from the demon power controlling his mind.

But they aren't the only ones searching for this powerful artifact.

Zulk, the zombie mercenary, and his henchmen also want it for reasons of their own, and the stronghold itself is filled with all kinds of other monsters ready to attack.

Will the mysterious artifact cure the demon zombie curse affecting Bones? Can they avoid Zulk and his henchmen and make it back before Bones is permanently changed into a being of evil?

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Follow our new hero Flash and his companion, a Minecraft villager named Bones, on their adventure to defeat Herobrine!

Seasonal Minecraft Comics:
- #1 Headless Harvest in Hoggleton
- #2 Wonderful Winter Tales

Books in the Flash and Bones Minecraft comics series:
- #1 The Empty Tomb of Herobrine
- #2 Leetah the Wicked Witch
- #3 The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains
- #4 Herobrine's Mountain Prison
- #5 The Enderman Zombie Potion (currently being re-made)
- #6 Secret Stronghold in the Wild West
- #7 The Demon Zombie Curse
- #8 The Jungle Demon Agramon
- #9 Agramon's Nether Fortress
- #10 The Magic Golden Apple
- #11 The Creeper Canyon Quest
- #12 Bandits and the Magic Underworld
- #13 Death in the Cavern of Terror
- #14 The Epic Bandit Rescue
- #15 The Zombie Curse Awakens
- #16 Battle Bots from Below
- #17 Purging the Station
- #18 Rise of the Reaper
- #19 New Heroes and Old Enemies
- #20 Battle of the Brothers
- #21 An Uprising in Angel's Army
- #22 The Frost Dragon Fight
- #23 The Secret in the Temple of Notch
- #24 Waging the Winter War
- #25 The Choice of the Bionic Hunter

Title:The Demon Zombie Curse: Minecraft Adventure Comics (Flash and Bones Book 7)
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