The Intimate Swingers Bundle: Five HOT Stories of Swinging and Scandal

The Intimate Swingers Bundle: Five HOT Stories of Swinging and Scandal


These sexy stories of passionate swinging are included in this bundle:

Swing Fling

Felicity doesn't believe in doing things halfway. ‘Go big or go home’ is a motto she lives by. So when she and her husband, Adam, make the decision to bring other people into their relationship she has no intention of taking things slow. Felicity makes the leap into the swinger lifestyle by throwing a scandalous party at their house, smack dab in the middle of suburban normalcy. In Swing Fling, from Marla Keegan, Felicity throws a party no one is soon to forget. Because it’s not just any party, it’s a full-on ORGY! And Felicity will have them COMING back for more.

Playing in Paradise

What was supposed to be a tropical paradise has turned into a major bust. Sun-drenched beaches? Exciting excursions? Scuba-diving adventures? Nope, nope, and nope. Instead, what Alaina and her husband, Christopher, got was a monsoon. Rain, wind, and more rain. But when they bump into a hot young couple at the hotel, Alaina realizes there is hope for this vacation after all. In Playing in Paradise, from Marla Keegan, a sexy proposition between the two couples transforms the soggy vacation into something super steamy. Alaina starts the vacation out frustrated and fed up but winds up sweaty and satisfied in the arms of another man!

The Swingers in the City

For Tricia, city life can be tiresome. Traffic, crowds, and virtually no privacy. It’s high time she and her husband, Ian, get away for a while. But before any plans are in place a chance encounter changes everything for the better, not to mention the hotter. In The Swingers in the City, from Marla Keegan, when an old friend shows up on Tricia and Ian’s doorstep with his sexy girlfriend hot on his heels, old flames reignite. Suddenly Tricia finds herself in the familiar embrace of a past lover, while Ian discovers the sultry secrets of an unfamiliar body.

Paging Dr. Swing

Who was she to ignore a doctor’s orders? If the doctor says to spend her birthday doing absolutely nothing, Alexandra is going to do just that. What does it matter if the doctor just happens to be her husband, Rob? But as it turns out she is in dire need of a sexy second opinion. When two of Rob’s much younger colleagues propose a way to really liven up her special day, Alexandra knows she is in for the birthday of a lifetime. In Paging Dr. Swing, from Marla Keegan, all of Alexandra’s birthday wishes come true. And why not? It’s her party, she’ll swing if she wants to!

Borrowing Brenda

Brenda can’t deny that Taylor is absolutely irresistible. What she wouldn’t give for a night in his passionate embrace. Sweat, skin, and sensations she can’t even imagine. The problem? He is also absolutely off-limits because Taylor happens to be her brother-in-law. In Borrowing Brenda from Marla Keegan, Brenda has all but written off the chemistry she feels with Taylor as nothing more than a heart-pounding fantasy, never to be fulfilled. But a call from Taylor’s hotwife, Veronica, leads to a steamy swap none of them could have ever predicted.

Title:The Intimate Swingers Bundle: Five HOT Stories of Swinging and Scandal
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