I Know What You Saw

I Know What You Saw


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First, there were hedgehogs.

Then there was a murder.

And now, Maggie Kelburn is on the run from a killer.

Maggie Kelburn is an ordinary woman who lives on an ordinary street. A quiet street where nothing unremarkable happens.

Until a neighbour is murdered.

Maggie doesn’t know she captured the murder on video until a surveillance expert, Sam Ward, shows her the footage. Together, they take the recording to the police.

But the recording device is stolen from the police station. And a short while later, Maggie’s home is invaded. A chilling message is left for her: I know what you saw

Sam convinces Maggie to seek safety in another town, and he offers to help her. But can Maggie trust Sam? Can she trust anyone?

Maggie leaves her home and travels from one side of the country to the other as she tries to find safety, and justice for the neighbour who was murdered.

But the killer is right behind her. They let Maggie know she will never be safe.


A thrilling mystery full of twists and turns.

Title:I Know What You Saw
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    I Know What You Saw Reviews

  • SA Krishnan

    Enjoyed the mystery.Maggie unknowingly films a murder in her camera and approaches Sam to have the pictures developed.The story goes on about how the killer figures out about Maggie having the picture...

  • Sue Wallace

    I know what you saw by Gillian Larkin. A fantastic read with some likeable characters. I liked Maggie and Sam. Didn't like Jake. He grew on me. What a twist. Didn't see that coming. I hope there is mo...

  • Annette

    Maggie is a widow with an adult son. She is an involved neighbor. Which means she pays attention to what is happening in her neighborhood.One evening she was filming so she could see the hedgehogs who...

  • Sandra Lopez

    A recording from last night could mean something more. Could Maggie have accidentally caught a murder on tape? Could she have a murderer on her street? Did they see what she saw? And was she in danger...

  • Antigone Walsh

    A middle-aged widow accidentally discovers a murder. The police dismiss her and the only one seemingly on her side is the owner of a surveillance store. But a cunning killer has lethal plans for Maggi...

  • Barbara McCauley

    This was a hard to put down read.This is a riveting story of danger and suspense. The main characters are both likable and believable. There were several unexpected twists to the story and the closer ...

  • Marisia Robus

    Boring in placesThe story started out well, but when the killer was identified eventually, it just carried on for far too long and became boring and ridiculous .Maggie came across as a really helpless...

  • Uwe

    It is an easy read, nothing serious, funny about the hedge hogs and all the planted shirts etc. The end of course is charming, all saved, bad one in jail.A kind of naive living, safe neighbourhood fun...

  • Helen Agathocleous

    Gripping read Unlike most cozy mysteries, this book has me thinking pretty much till the end who the killer was. Very different to the other author's series of book, but oh so good. ...

  • Carla Hendrix

    Very good readingThis book had you on your toes from beginning to end. That author done a very good job of keeping me intrigued to the point that I could not put it down. I will definitely be reading ...