Scold's Crown

Scold's Crown


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Deception Brings Danger

Court is always a place where one must watch his back, but as the threats shift away from his wife, Xavier Brice must work with precision to ensure he remains alive and capable of protecting both her and the king. With each passing day, Xavier knows he can no longer avoid Io’s past or her heritage. If he is to help the crown hold the kingdom, he will have to ask every question he had feared asking since Io became his wife.

Knowing Is Not Always Helpful

Io has ignored her past her entire life. Her bloodline has never saved her from harm. Now, though, it may not be Xavier, alone, in danger. It could well be time to claim those titles she has refused to acknowledge – as long as they will not steal from her the only title she wants: wife.

Publisher's Note: This steamy medieval romance is full of action and adventure and contains elements of power exchange.

Title:Scold's Crown
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  • romancejunkie

    Io and Xavier are very much in love, but with the intrigues that are happening around them their relationship is becoming strained, so now they have to work together to put things to right again and ...

  • Space Cowgirl

    Io💃💋 and Xavier🐺🍆⛲🔪💕Apparently it would make sense to read this series of books in order, because I was completely confused until I got about 25% of the way through the book. This ...

  • Anna

    I cannot get enough of this series. I love Io and all her insecurities. In some ways she is all contradictions. She is vulnerable, yet strong. She is loving, but she is closed off. She is childlike, b...

  • Kathy Heare Watts

    HIS LIFE, HIS HEART, HIS GODDESSThe Worship series is one that must be read in written order to grasp the entire life and situations that play out in each book. There are key characters that are criti...

  • Angel

    Action packed suspense filled romance. With a hot Alpha Hero who knows just what is needed and how. He is stubborn, kind, loving, and stern. He protects his and those he loves. The heroine is strong, ...

  • ajjmb

    The intrigue and plot in this on going saga thickens. I have not read such an all consuming novel in sometime. I love the ongoing relationship that Io and Xavier have and how they must constantly work...

  • Heart5

    This ninth book in the series finds Io and Xavier still at court, and the wedge between them growing exponentially. Io seems a lamb among wolves as she is repeatedly mocked and abused. Fortunately, in...

  • Sandy

    This installment will not disappoint. This installment will not disappoint I love Io this character has so much sassiness that it is amazing to read. Xavier, I do not like so much. I love when an auth...

  • Sharon

    I preferred this book to book 8 in the series. There is a lot of action, adventure and romance in this story. I do advice reading these in order to be able to fully understand what is happening and wh...

  • Marybeth

    First of all, this is the 9th book in the series. You HAVE to have read the other books to understand what is going on with Io and Xavier.So...we are further along in figuring out this puzzle. Io cont...