WILD CHILD - Book 5 - Gone

WILD CHILD - Book 5 - Gone


A drama-filled book for Girls and Boys aged 9-12.

Boys! They can cause so many problems, especially when two girls like the same boy! Sydney and Harper both like Elliot, a super nice guy whose father works at their school. But when Elliot asks Harper to be his girlfriend, that's when everything blows up.

How will Harper react when she finds out? We aren't going to tell you because it will totally spoil the story.

Two new girls, Sailor and Zali, join Harper and Sydney in their room. These two girls are almost opposite in their personality. But in the end, they work together to try to help their roommates.

If you have enjoyed the WILD CHILD series so far...you'll love Book 5 - Gone.

Title:WILD CHILD - Book 5 - Gone
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    WILD CHILD - Book 5 - Gone Reviews

  • Athira K

    OMG! Harper's reaction when she got to know about Sydney and Elliot...I love the new Sydney a lot.. I really liked the new girls especially Zali. The new teacher Michael Bond rocks too. He's damn cool...

  • Margaret

    Amazing! I just felt it was a little rushed because I found a lot of typing errors. But overall I love this book sooo much! Keep up the good work Ms. Katrina Kahler!...

  • soyfur rahman

    AmazingSo much drama and suspense in this book and is definitely my favourite book in the series of them allSo sad to here about Kaz injury and hopes she gets better...