Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book)

Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book)


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Sometimes a woman has no choice but to start life afresh as a mail order bride, along with her children…

When Emily’s husband dies unexpectedly leaving her with two young children, the only thing she’s left with is the mercantile store that she has no means to run.

Emily decides to leave everything behind and start over in the west as a mail order bride.

Her new husband, Levi, has children too, which makes Emily think that he will understand her and that things will go smoothly.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Levi has been doing everything alone for several years since his wife died. He never wanted to marry again but he knows his children need a mother and he has been struggling with the burden of being a single parent.

When Emily and Levi finally met, they realize they cannot see eye to eye on anything when it comes to the children, and it almost seems that everything and everyone is working to keep them apart.

The newly merged family has become a disaster in waiting… especially in the harsher conditions of the west.

How will Emily and Levi learn to work together and save both of their families?
Or will they give up and leave their families more broken than they were in the beginning?

Title:Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book)
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    Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book) Reviews

  • Lindsay Bray

    What a cute story. 3-3.5 stars (rounded down to 3) ⭐️⭐️⭐️Summary: Emily has been left widowed after a terrible accident took her husband’s life. Trying to care for her two children is a ...

  • Katinka

    After Emily’s Husband had died in an accident, the townsfolk seemed to take issue with a woman running the Mercantile by herself. They didn’t bother hiding the fact that if they had any other opti...

  • Diana  St

    Not a Mushy RomanceI found myself conflicted on the characters of Emily and Levi because their dialogue would make me mad. But overall this is a good book that didn't make them fall in love instantly ...

  • Sydnee Walsh

    Emily has it rough after her husband dies so she exchanged letters with a fellow widow and single father. Between the two of them they now have five children. Three boys and two girls. They don’t ha...

  • Kathy Brickert

    Sweet storyHeartwarming tale of a family finding its way together. Following his wife's death, Levi tried to get on with his life, but he knew his children needed a mother. Enter Emily, a mail order b...

  • Glaidene Ramsey

    Mail Order Bride RomanceEmily runs a mercantile store in Okaloma. She is a widow with two children . In she hose days women did as they were told, they definitely didn't run their own businesses. The ...

  • gary c lehn

    Great story......I've enjoyed reading this story of adventure and romance. The widow in the story found that the people in her town did not believe that a single woman should own and operate a busines...

  • Marsha

    This was a realistic look back on how life could of been as a mail ordered bride. I'm this story, two families come together after the death of the perspective spouses deaths. Levi and Emily try to bl...

  • Debbie

    Family and struggles with extended family Trying to make a life for you and your children aft÷r a loss of spouse sometimes causes you to make a hard decision to meld your family with another. So many...

  • Margaret Sharp

    Blending a family Enjoyable reading. When two people try to learn to listen instead of argue. Conflicts in dealing with the other's children. A lot of compromise and learning to accept each other both...