The Orc Ranger

The Orc Ranger


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An ancient darkness lurks in Gayne County, and it will not be taken lightly.

Thurk Gutarg lives a hard life. Being both an orc and one of the famed Albara Rangers, his entire life has been spent under the judgemental eyes of other people. When reports come in from isolated Gayne County of people going missing on the plains, Thurk can not be sure of the cause. He strikes out anyway, firm in his duty as a Ranger.

Finding unlikely allies in the form of an old dwarf named Galmar and a native boy called A'Tiami, Thurk sets out to find the dark evil plaguing this small western town.

Can this unlikely trio discover Gayne County's dark secret in time to save the town and themselves?

A rich fantasy world combines with a vibrant western story in a world full of lost magic and fearsome beasts in this debut novella to the Orc Ranger series.

Lovers of the Weird West Fantasy Genre (The Dark Tower, Wolf in Shadow), as well as fans of traditional fantasy and contemporary fantasy, will thoroughly enjoy this tale. Read The Orc Ranger today to accompany Thurk and his companions on an unforgettable journey through the West.

Title:The Orc Ranger
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    The Orc Ranger Reviews

  • Montzalee Wittmann

    Good fantasy/monster story!The Orc Ranger by Jacob McElligott is a novella that has great characters and is a good intro to the series. It has an Orc that is a Ranger that is on a mission to check out...

  • Peter Younghusband

    Downloaded this as a freebie. I was intrigued with the premise of a dwarf, orc and a human/elf set in a western to hunt down a demon terrorising a small town! I have read a few westerns and I like the...

  • David

    An interesting combination of two of my favorite genres (fantasy and westerns). Most fantasy novels and stories have a vague Medieval feel to them, but this story took place in a Wild West setting, wh...

  • Rachel Green

    When this popped up on r/FreeEBOOKS, the cover and premise intrigued me enough to give The Orc Ranger a shot (pun intended). Thurk Gutarg defies tradition and expectation as an orc that counts himself...

  • Jeff Sabean

    Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves in a Western? Yes please!I wasn’t sure about this one, but I picked it up on a free deal and figured it was worth a shot for free. I was pleasantly surprised.The characters ...

  • Kevin Potter

    This is a curious admixture of Western Mystery/adventure and fantasy that, despite a number of issues, is a quick, fun listen.Jack De Golia does an excellent job with the audio. His narration tone and...

  • Donald H Smith

    Wow just wow!I can honestly say this little novella was excellent. The story was smooth, created a background fir the characters that didnt plod on & on, yeah, & the read was easy and fascinating. I a...

  • Daniel

    Good StoryI liked this book. It had a good story. If you like fantasy, or westerns, it is an enjoyable story....

  • Ric Croxton

    ImpresiveI enjoyed reading the story and look forward to reading more. This was much better than I expected and I thought it would be good....

  • CJ

    A wonderful mix of western and fantasy, good vs. evil. A great beginning to what I hope will be an engaging and fun series....