The Bridge

The Bridge

Two teenagers, strangers to each other, have decided to jump from the same bridge at the same time. But what results is far from straightforward in this absorbing, honest lifesaver from acclaimed author Bill Konigsberg.

Aaron and Tillie don't know each other, but they are both feeling suicidal, and arrive at the George Washington Bridge at the same time, intending to jump. Aaron is a gay misfit struggling with depression and loneliness. Tillie isn't sure what her problem is -- only that she will never be good enough.

On the bridge, there are four things that could happen:

Aaron jumps and Tillie doesn't.

Tillie jumps and Aaron doesn't.

They both jump.

Neither of them jumps.

Or maybe all four things happen, in this astonishing and insightful novel from Bill Konigsberg.

Title:The Bridge
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    The Bridge Reviews

  • Bill

    Oh, this book. THE BRIDGE took me two years to write, and they were hard years! I truly believe I was at the edge of my ability the whole time, doing things that were quite possibly beyond me. And I l...

  • Snjez

    This was such an amazing story, complex, emotional and very thought provoking. The concept of the book was fantastic. I loved how the author handled the subject matter and I loved the overall message ...

  • Anna Luce

    4 ½ starsThe Bridge by Bill Konigsberg took me by surprise. While I did enjoy reading two of Konigsberg's previous novels, Openly Straight and The Music of What Happens, they certainly didn't affect ...

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars, rounded up.Bill Konigsberg's new YA novel, The Bridge , is an emotional, eye-opening look at teenagers, depression, and suicide.Aaron can’t take it any longer. He’s tired of not feel...

  • Lisa Vegan

    This book is extraordinarily difficult for me to rate and review. Most of the time I really liked it so it’s 4 stars from me. There are 4 sections/alternative stories. In the first Tillie commits su...

  • Skip

    Drawing from his own experiences with depression and attempted suicide, Konigsberg writes the story of two NYC teens, who cross paths on the George Washington Bridge where each intends to commit suici...

  • Tzipora

    Two different teens- a boy and a girl, one gay, one straight, one white, one Korean- end up at the George Washington bridge at the same time to commit suicide. What follows is an exploration of possib...

  • Samantha (WLABB)

    I loved Konigsberg's approach to this book. It was very thought provoking seeing the different chain of events kicked off in each scenario. I liked the emphasis on human connection, but what I really ...

  • Wendy Poteet

    I just finished reading a draft of this and...WOW! I cannot wait for this to hit shelves and get into people's hands. Bill's character development and storytelling are top-notch. I fell in love with A...

  • The Nerd Daily

    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Ankara CPublished on September 1st, The Bridge is Bill Konigsberg’s latest novel. His new work revolves around how suicide affects every aspect of ...