William Softkey and the Purple Spider

William Softkey and the Purple Spider

Buried deep under sand sits a library the size of a small city, owned by the eerily powerful Mr. Wish and protected by roving bands of toughs and lethal sentient vehicles. When a small but heavy interdimensional spider demands access to the vault, poor William Softkey, with assistance from the gravity-experimenter Gigglewindow sisters, is hired to deal with the problem. Rendered in the artist’s trademark stark linework―against a backdrop of paranoid techno-fantasy, strange emblematic beings, and woozy halftone patterns―William Softkey and the Purple Spider is acclaimed cartoonist CF’s second dreamy narrative published under the Anthology Editions banner.

Title:William Softkey and the Purple Spider
Edition Language:English
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    William Softkey and the Purple Spider Reviews

  • Michael Jantz

    Top-notch CF...

  • Jordan

    CF is never one to give us what we want. Still no Powr Mastrs 4, still no Warm Genetics House. But suddenly we have the longest completed narrative he's ever finished in his 20+ years, and it feels li...

  • Harold

    Big fan of the multi-faced Mr. Wish, and the slender gravity-proof core elevator skyscraper in the empty vastness vast emptiness, and the cool shapeless spaceship.And the very last page was simultaneo...

  • Tom

    If you're already familiar with CF's line and backgrounds, you'll be happy to see this new book, as I was. The story I felt was meh—the combination of non-sequiturs and preposterous storyline didn't...

  • Jessica Vacek

    This is one of those books where I had the release date written down. It was part of my quarantine-looking-forward-to. My first book by CF, wasn’t what I expected but it somehow felt succinct and pe...

  • Daniel Wilson