True Crime Case Histories, Volume 3: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

True Crime Case Histories, Volume 3: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

12 True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem
Third Book of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2019)
As with the two prior volumes of True Crime Case Histories, I want to start with a quick word of warning. Most news articles and television true crime shows skim over the sticky details of truly gruesome crimes. In my books I don’t gloss over the facts, regardless of how horrible they may be. I try to give my readers a clear and accurate description on just how demented the killers really were. I do my best not to leave anything out. The stories included in these books are not for the squeamish.

Volume 3 features: longer stories, photos, two bonus chapters and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents.

A sampling of the stories include:

The Canal Killer - A violent psychopath cuts off the head, hands, and feet of his girlfriends and dumps them in the canals of London and Rotterdam.

The Head in the Bucket - A drug kingpin chops off the head of one of his dealers and carries it around in a Home Depot bucket.

Captain Cash - Another drug dealer butchers an entire family so he can take over a man’s fruit shipping business and transform it into a drug shipping business.

The Coffee Killer - A young woman, jealous of her rich socialite friend, poisons her by lacing her coffee with cyanide in a public coffee shop.

The Arizona Torso Killer - A petite trophy-wife shoots her husband, freezes his body, hacks him up with a jigsaw and dumps his torso in a dumpster behind a grocery store.

The Oxford Murder - A young college student strangles his girlfriend and crams her body into an eight-inch crawlspace beneath the stairs.

Plus six more disturbing true crime stories.

The twelve true crime stories included in this collection are dark and creepy and will leave you with a new understanding of just how fragile the human mind can be.

If there’s any common theme between these cases, it would be that many of them happened near places I’ve lived throughout my life.

Three stories took place in the London area. One of which happened just a five-minute walk from my home. Two other stories took place in Scottsdale, Arizona where I’ve lived the majority of my life. Another took place in Maui, Hawaii while I was living there. And finally, another took place in Oxford, UK very close to where I’ve been working over the past year.

The stories in this volume took place all over the world, and range from the 1940s to 2018.

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True Crime Case Histories Volume 4 is coming February 2020 featuring 12 more short stories of; True Crime, Murder & Mayhem, Serial Killer Biographies, and True Murder Case Files.

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