Flawless Foundations

Flawless Foundations


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It's no secret I was born from money. And I'm destined to take over the family business, King Cosmetics when my father retires.

At least that was the plan.

Until my father decided to impose some stupid rule about being married before I take the reigns. Everything I've worked for hangs in the balance and the future of the company is in jeopardy without a King behind the controls.

I never considered Becca part of the plan for taking over, but when one kiss leads to so much more, I can't help but wonder if she's the answer to my problem.

There are two things I love - my beauty blog and Levi King.

Coming from the same social circle has given me ample opportunity to crush on the next generation of King Cosmetics, but he made it clear a long time ago that I would never be anything more than "like family" to him.

Feeling the need for some serious changes in my life, I start shaking things up.

It wasn't part of my plan to kiss Levi, but one kiss could never be enough. When that kiss turns into a relationship and I find out that Levi's been keeping a secret, I begin to question if our love affair was too good to be true.

Looks like we're about to find out if we can truly build flawless foundations for the rest of our lives. After all 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

Title:Flawless Foundations
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    Flawless Foundations Reviews

  • Nadine Bookaholic

    What happens when you have loved someone all of your life and he's only looked at you as his sisters best friend? You move on, but there is always that little part of your heart that is saved just for...

  • Siobhan

    Flawless Foundations is the fourteenth book in the 425 Madison series, but it works perfectly fine as a standalone. We were first introduced to the leading characters in this one in Boyfriend Maintena...

  • Joy Novel Thoughts

    Flawless Foundations by Lauren Helms was such a cute best friends brothers romance! It was fast paced novella that I couldn't get enough of!It's part of a multi-author series, 425 Madison, but it also...

  • Isha Coleman

    Can a relationship built on secrets endure the drama of finding real love? Helms continues to captivate hearts with emotional stories. Levi and Becca facedown heartache with a burning heat that grabs ...

  • Merry Jelks-Emmanuel

    There's nothing better than reading about a young relationship that blooms into love and Lauren has expertly written such a tale. Levi and Becca makes this story come alive. It's like being right ther...

  • Laiza

    This book is flawless! My favorite from the series so far.. I read this immediately after boyfriend maintenance (which is also great read Emmy and Jake) and I just love Becca and Levi.Best friend brot...

  • Kayla Pocernich

    Levi was born into money and he is destined to take over the family business "King Cosmetics" when his father finally retires. But his father enforces a rule that he needs to marry before he can take ...

  • Andrea Guy

    If you have been keeping up with 425 Madison (and really you should), you will know some of the characters in Flawless Foundation from Boyfriend Maintenance in the last round of the series.That's part...

  • Jennifer Pierson

    The talented Lauren Helms really knocked Flawless Foundations out of the park, and when I finished, I was left willing to beg for more. I will say while this story can be read as a standalone, but I s...

  • Kari Hansen

    Levi has been groomed to take over the family business for years and there is no doubting he is more than capable of the position. After ending his engagement with his cheating fiancé, he now finds h...