Power Mage 5

Power Mage 5


After winning the range war, Brawley is rich, heavily armed, and surrounded by potential wives.

Seven orders. Seven amazing powers. Seven beautiful teachers.

Will Brawley bond with the soulful Bender, Tammy? Or will he tame the lovely yet willful Arabella? Can he find a match among the mysterious Cosmics?

Meanwhile, the world is going crazy.

The Tiger Mage escalates his attacks. The Chaotics stir rebellion. And the Order unleashes its deadliest agent, Danica “The Dragon” McLeod, to reestablish the psionic status quo—at any cost.

Then Brawley’s burner phone rings.

He vows to rescue Remi’s sister from the formidable super-max Chop Shop. But how can Brawley succeed when the FPI is on high alert… and far deadlier enemies are waiting and watching, ready to pounce?

Warning: Power Mage is an explosive series containing graphic violence, explicit sex, and a harem of gorgeous women who wreak serious havoc with their minds. Read at your own risk.

Title:Power Mage 5
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    Power Mage 5 Reviews

  • Steve Naylor

    Rating 4.0 stars A good addition to the story. Brawley cracks his 6th strand so that means he has another wife. I like that each one has a different personality and skill set. Things progress and thin...

  • Andrew

    This series is pure trash...I’m almost embarrassed by how much I’m enjoying the story (although every now and then there are moments of good writing, which is at least a little redeeming). This on...

  • James

    Another awesome book.Once again I was entertained by the author's story and I stayed up late reading this book. The pacing was good and the little odd moments of slice of life really help keep me enga...

  • Dannan Tavona

    Book 5 is rambuctiousThis is adult, harem, urban fantasy fiction -- Texas style. There are some steamy scenes and plenty of action. Some recently added secondary characters perish in the fighting, and...

  • Alan K

    Another excellent book in the Power Mage seriesMore death and destruction in this book than some of the previous ones, it looks like we are getting closer to the throw-down between Brawley and the Tig...

  • Aaron Floyed

    Another great addition!Hondk has done it again. Another great addition to this series and a cliffhanger ending. There are hints throughout this book that suggest we might be coming to the conclusion o...

  • Stephen J. Shepley

    Can't wait for 6th bookPower mage has been a great series of books. I anxiously awaiting the 6th and hopefully 7th books in the series. I hope Hondo chooses to stretch out the series for at least 2 mo...

  • John B

    Holy ShitWhat a GREAT addition to this series. Mr Jinx is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. This installment finds our MC kick ass.from beginning to end. No small build up with a climatic e...

  • Paps

    Good continuation to the series. Great development in this one. Seriously I have a doubt that (view spoiler)[The leader of the Order is in fact the Tiger Mage or at least those two have been working ...

  • Frank Bertino

    Entertaining ReadBrawley cracks another strand and only has one more to go to be a full true Power Mage. Will they get his sister-in-law out of the Crackshop prison? I like the action, humor, and roma...