A telepath with a lethal twist.

My name is Neely and I live among shapeshifters in the desert truckstop town of Sundance, California. As a telepath-spiker, I can read a person's thoughts.

I can also spike deadly power straight into their brain.

I'm in an uneasy relation-friend-ship with Lucas Blacke, an enigmatic tiger alpha that I'm drawn to, but don't fully trust. When Xavier Malcolm, Lucas's abusive ex-alpha leader, asks me to spike into his own brain to save his sanity, I sense a trap. Problem is, no one refuses Alpha Xavier Malcolm without paying for it in one way or another.

So, I spike.

And bring down the wrath of a thousand-strong wolf pack on all of our heads.

If you enjoy urban fantasy with a side order of romance, fast-paced action, a dash of humor, and some slow-burn love, you'll like SUMMONED.

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    Summoned Reviews

  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]

    3.5 stars, grudgingly rounded up to 4. I say grudgingly because even though the writing is engaging and the plotline is pretty unique, I'm starting to develop a real dislike of the hero and heroine...

  • Jen Davis

    I enjoyed this second book in the series a bit more than the first... primarily because the hero is evolving from the alphahole playboy to the unsure, slightly vulnerable guy who is clearly falling fo...

  • Swalsk

    Nice ending. Really wanting more....

  • Karen

    Really enjoyable First I want to state I am not a grammar aficionado. However in the book there are editing errors that need to be taken care of so if that’s the kind of thing that drives you crazy ...

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

    This series is seriously addictive I’m binging this series. I’m immediately picking up book three. Very good shifter series that has me begging to know what happens next. ...

  • Jeanny

    I was more interested in Chandra the assassin then I was Nelly the FMC. I found her to be a bright as the moon during a lunar eclipse, dull & her behavior was asinine. Nothing about the FMC appealed t...

  • Dallass

    No second book syndrome here folks.Another great read. Neely is such a wonderful character to follow. She’s not your typical cookie cutter character, and I like that she has flaws and insecurities. ...

  • thewoollygeek (tea, cake, crochet & books)

    I love this series, Neely is fabulous, moralistic and has an inner strength, clever, independent and makes Lucas work for everything, I love her, sure she has trust issues but who wouldn’t with her ...

  • Wende

    LovedI really loved how Neely and Jacob in this book. Their relationship is moving along nicely. It is a lovely book with murder and mayhem. Just like I like my shifter romance books. ...

  • Sailorv911

    I didn’t think I could possibly love this book more than I did the first one, but I was wrong. I am loving the character development, and the plot kept me guessing. Can’t wait for the next one!!! ...