Another World

Another World

Leaving Earth is the easy part. Surviving the trip to a nearby spiral arm of our own galaxy is a journey like no other.

Merritt Alder is done with Earth. The planet is polluted and overpopulated, and its people are hungry.

Earth’s first colony, Galena, is a pioneer world 10,000 light years away. It has clean air, unpolluted water, and continents of arable land.

For Merritt, the journey is only the beginning. Obstacles arise every step of the way, forcing compromise and sacrifice. And not everyone on the ship is pure of heart.

The bonds he forges on the journey will be the key to surviving on another world — a world anyone has yet to fully explore.

A world with secrets of its own.

Another World is a bold new entry in the realm of planet colonization and pioneer science fiction, an odyssey across our own galaxy to start a new life on Earth’s first colony.

Title:Another World
Edition Language:English
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    Another World Reviews

  • Sue

    Above average science fiction thriller, but lacks some of the technical facts of "hard," SF.... that is, a better and clearer explanation of propulsion, navigation. communication systems. Weak points ...

  • Ed Tinkertoy

    My first impression of this book is its amateurish. It was initially confusion as to where the story was going when the book began with chapters devoted to Merritt, Leesa, and Tulliver with little inf...

  • Bruce Cable

    Sequel, Please! After reading the first two books of the authors Infinate Sky series, I. decided to read his standalone book, Another World.. Although I throughly enjoyed the first two of the Infinate...

  • Linda

    A New WorldLoved this storyline about humans traveling to find a new home after the Earth is ravaged by man. Merritt a father trying to find a home for his son Gavin was my favorite. This character sh...

  • Rick Rider

    Interesting take on colonization. A little bit informative, a little bit realistic, a little bit real science fiction (we can hope, yes we can), and a little bit sad, happy, emotional, fear filled, an...

  • Conny

    I usually don't read a lot of Science fiction books, except for a few Authors who's work I really enjoy, and Sam Best is one of them. It grabbed my attention from the start and was a well crafted read...

  • Julia Ingram

    A novel story of space colonizationI enjoyed this book a lot. A good combination of relatable characters; Merritt was easy to root for; excellent world building and exciting plot. I do wonder if the s...

  • john r. reeves

    JohnboyI will give it five stars anyway has a good story line and a lot of heart in it. Like any good syfy the science part is well done enough that it Is believable . How ever for the authors sake wh...

  • michaelgarnham

    There is one reason I did not give this book 5 stars. It looks like Mr Best does not intend a sequel.This is an excellently thought out creation with one of the most interesting new worlds since Larry...

  • Guy Marsden

    The characters are well drawn and interesting and the story moves along at a good pace. Some of the SF concepts are interesting and the way he describes the crumbling society is very "Bladerunner". My...